This week, the replay of Crash Team Races News


Classic PlayStation could really be released again, but for current consoles. We talk about Crash Team Races, also known as Crash Car or just CTR.

The signature videogame has been proven to change and be published in The Game Awards, as the comedies and gifts will be for journalists and influences that cover dance shades with orange.

What's special about it? That's the object needs to be done with normal decoration in cars, as well as the material and color that remembers its & # 39; beautiful character.

The above study may not be ready, but it is worth remembering that Activision encouraged to revive Spyro the Dragon with a similar shape. AIn addition, Crash is currently the owner of the company.

You will watch The Game Awards, which will take place on 7 December. In what I am, I am already preparing engineers!

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