This will affect Chrome-based Microsoft browser users


Although it was surprising to be the first thing, the fact is that this move will be explored by those Redmond Carefully, he has everything, since there is no doubt that the success was originally expected from unified browser in Windows 10, EdgeIt was not expected, far from that. Indeed, at this time, this proposal is to move around the internet around 5% get involved, and that is, as we say, is basically integrated into the # 39; desktop system Most used in the world.

That's why Microsoft has decided to kill it engine and the current uncertain leader bets at present, Chromium. It is true that there are several other options at this time of this kind that are based on the same way to Chromium, but it is expected, with thanks to Microsoft, your suggestion will give you something new to users Chrome and its "derivatives".

It is clear from both Microsoft and Microsoft Google, this is a step forward, because on the one hand it is an opportunity for Redmond to develop a browser that is user authentication, and for major inquiry, which has an impact on your project.

Not everyone is as happy as the new Microsoft browser

However, in this section of software, for some years, a third part is to indicate that, in recent months, has tried to grow with the improvements that have been taken In the program, we talk about Mozilla Firefox. This is why, at this point, this move that software software is going to do is a great deal. damaging both Mozilla, like millions of users, as they already say publicly.

From his perspective, accept Chromium Engine with the Microsoft Edge, it will only do more strengthening the state of leadership and Google's monopoly in this way, which can be very damaging to the rest. And indeed this has a direct impact on your recommendation, Firefox, and its users, because it is possible to web developers Stop worrying about the other options that are outside the «Christ world»

And that's for a long time, Mozilla has to offer another option to the man who Google is doing. given, with a focus to focus on it privacy, all this, they argue, for good to & # 39; language Internet health, so this step is not taken by Microsoft, to believe more than a step back goals.

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