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The night before the wedding is the best ever known, but it's hard to think when the 89 minutes, you will find a message announcing the person who became a partner yesterday. How to respond?

Having knowledge of the evidence, it's a & # 39; first step
She does not want to marry a man who is not considered and empowered to be (Artwork)

Casey was pleased to think she would be able to. wearing a white wedding tomorrow's gown, walking on her beautiful flowers and beautiful flowers; promises his life for his sweetheart. But everything came as fast as she was so sorry she could not think of Alex, her sweetheart who married for a long time without knowing her.

Casey has recited his story and is split into social networks, and instantly intends.

Casey reports that her bachelorette party was very happy with her best friends the night before the wedding, but she got strange messages from a phone number saying, "If I would not have married this man ever Are you still for her marriage? "

Thereafter, a series of messages on telephone screening, including romantic talks between Casey's resignation and a mystery woman, and even the two "happy" together. They have been going on for months to date.

Message with the following content:

"This weekend. Only you and me. Everything was prepared"

"You're so hot, sing"

Even in the statement, Casey 's marriage said he had no feelings or connections with her.

Casey says that she cried all tears and shared her with her sister-spouse, who advised Casey to summon Alex to the top and defer of her; wedding, but she did not. His wedding still has a & # 39; As usual, all those present at night would have happened.

"When I'm grooming, every step is heavy, my dreams of dreams are now just the clothes. When he saw me, he thought there was something in who was worried about me, "said Casey.

Casey had been awakening one night since he received the message, her depressed and depressed mind, she did not want to marry a man who did not love her and let her be.

The people were shocked to hear that Casey read his oath: "Today, there will be no wedding. Alex is not the person I expected."

She threw the wedding flower on the floor and raised the phone and read out a message about Alex to everyone in front of the person who was about to be named her husband.

Alex then fled to her wedding.

The people were still disturbing what they were doing; going on, and Casey went on to say,

"Today, there will be no marriage, but instead it will be a celebration of religion and honor."

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