This word of Xuan Truong can do a German "temporary guard" business


Although the stock price has fallen slightly or the business story is "very big", it may be Germany still warm on November 20 before Xuan Truong – HAGL club captain, the chosen team has been divided Germany has spent a lot of money for construction and maintenance for many years.

Despite just 130 consultants compared to 144 a & HSX decline, the VN Index was still closed with a benefit of 2.96 points, or 0.32 per cent, to 919.02 points on November 20. On the north floor, promoters were more beneficial (72 benefits and 72 losses), with a slight decrease of 0.04 points or 0.04% to 103.91.

On the HSX, 159.13 million were traded in exchange for 4,108.92 billion dollars and HNX saw 30.13 million shares contrary to VND428.37 billion.

In the VN-Index increase then VHM of Vinhomes contributed to approximately 2.2 points. In addition, VIC, HPG, VNM, VRE, CTG … also have a positive impact on its & # 39; simultaneously increase the index.

The current market move can not be found in business

Germany is a challenging step for the revival of HAGL, but was still very much involved in the HAGL club and football in Vietnam.

As the index escalates, both HAG and HNG fell. Although the decline in these two stocks is not important, this is not a good news for Doan Nguyen Duc (German).

Sometimes, HNG has dropped in the price while long & # 39; the code is on the horizon. The FTSE Vietnam ETF, ETF led by Deutsche Bank, will be added to its airport during restructuring. Interesting pieces.

According to the SSI Retail Search, HNG can be added to the index as each contract has been achieved and maintained for two continuous trading sessions that & # 39; meet vulnerable situations, which are the current HNG contract. removed from the index for liquidity reasons.

However, at current prices, HNG still has up to 5% in one month and up to 14% over the last three months of a market that is struggling. At the same time, HAG increased by more than 5% in one month but dropped to 16.8% in 3 months.

In the third quarter, HAGL increased 21% in revenue to VND1,520.6 billion, and this revenue revenue was 151% to VND740.4 billion. The investment was up to 516 billion. Taxpayers were registered at VND377.6 billion, up 118% y / y.

Compared to this, at HAGL Agrico, its VND225 billion company lost its sharp increase in revenue to VND1,069 billion compared to the same VND934 billion in the same period last year.

And although the stock price has fallen slightly or the business story is very important, Germany is still warm on November 20 before Xuan Truong – captain of the HAGL club, the team chosen was divided. Germany has spent a lot to build and maintain for many years.

In a television show by November 20, Vietnam's midfielder thanked for the great work of Doan Nguyen Duc – chairman of his club. "Because the HAGL Football Academy not only trained about football, but also HAGL training until you're again a football player, you're still a man good in social ".

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