This year's historic travel season is expected


ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) – AAA expects this year's holiday travel season to become the most expensive yet. Some passengers at Roanoke-Blacksburg Airport are ahead of planning.

Courtney Iverson travels to her home in Texas the Thanksgiving for the last time.

"My parents went to Colorado, and we spend a Thanksgiving holiday in Midland to clean the house, it will be closed after the holidays, and just spend time with the family, "said Iverson, Washington and Lee Law.

She has to take three different aircraft to get to Texas, but she still likes to go to. fly out of Roanoke.

"I think I'm glad I'm going out on Sundays only a day and I just want to get rid of Roanoke as appropriate," explained Iverson.

AAA projects travel more than 54 million Americans who; The tour of this exhibition – the most enjoyable travel measure of more than twelve years.

Bradley Boettcher, Director of Marketing and Air Service Development for Roanoke Airport, said, "We have used 32,000 people [this airport] So far this year we did last year. Thanksgiving is to become one of the most covetous, not only here in Roanoke but nationally. "

Although Iverson's visit to Texas is going to spend her & her; Most of the guests, she thinks she can not get back so easy.

Iverson said, "I'm worried about returning back because I know Saturday after Thanksgiving, which is very similar, especially I-81 which Going back to Lexington, it is likely to grow enormously. "

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