Tho received 11 officers from the South West Management Committee


Future received 11 officers from the South West Management Committee - Picture 1.

The South West Management Committee has now completed jobs. 60 staff are assigned to work in services, departments and areas.

In particular, the Chairman of the Town of the People's Committee has signed a document sent to the Council's Sustainable Committee. Town to increase pay workers, the number of people working to obtain civil servants from the South West Management Committee. The document said, according to the request of the Party Committee at Can Tho on his / her; recommended to add to the staff when civil servants were given in the area, and the Prime Minister also gave instructions on this.

On November 8, the Home Affairs Ministry decided to put together staff in addition to consumers and civil servants in 2018 and 2019 of Chan Tho City and the official letter on additional numbers. The number of people working in public service units in 2018 of Chan Tho City.

In making decisions and official letters of the Ministry of Business Affairs, the People's Committee sent a " Bhaile's decision on the allocation of additional staff and the number of people who work for the agencies and units as follows:

On the payment of civil servants in the administrative group, there are 6 employees: Advice Office & Township Office (2 employees), Business Department and Trade (1 staff) Planning and Investment (1 staff), Religious Affairs Committee under Home Affairs (1 person) -obrach).

The number of people working in the public service delivery unit (3 people) is designated at the Can Tho Talking College, capable of the University of Technology and Technology and Cancro Canal Hospital under the Health Service.

On the same day, No Tho City's Homeless Affairs Department provided that 11 people from the South West Management Committee were presented to Chan Tho, but two were not listed. The remaining 9 people as described in the document ".

Earlier, the 6th Plenary of the Joint Committee of the 12th Party Committee agreed to finalize the activity of the North West, Mid and West-West Steering Committee. Then, the Politburo gave an Àir Decision. 104-QD / TW dated 28 November, 2017 to determine the date for the 3 Management Committees to arrive on 31 March 2018.

The South West Management Committee has over 60 employees. At the "Construction of the work in 2017 and 15 years of work" in February 2018, Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue said: "Medium Committee Co-ordination Coordination with the Ministry of Domestic Affairs to work with ministries, Delta Delta areas have focused on reconciliation of PSC staff … ".

In particular for the building, the land is owned by the Government Office and the Can Tho People Committee with ministers and other agencies to join the First Minister for remedies. After that, City Can Tho has consulted the Government and related services to the use of the headquarters of the South West Board of Directors as an administrative office for the Chai Rang District People's Committee.

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