Thousands will spend the celebration of the Year & New … they're wrong and they welcome 2018


In Sydney, Australia, they welcomed him 2019 but, in a 360 degree tour, to 2018.

While the pyrotechnics were a & # 39; gutted and the hugan diversified in the amazing Bridge of Sydney Bay, a great announcement was read "Happy New Year 2018".

No-one has notified the error and even one of the most important newspapers in the department, Sydney Morning Herald, He named one of his notes: "No, it's up to 2018 again."

Thousands of dollars deposited in the projections and 8.5 tonnes of fireworks They were heard with a terrible mistake that more than a million people, who were in the place, could have respect.

In statements that your organization can gather EFE, Anna MacInerney, who was the leader of the event, was frightened but said we needed to turn the page.

"It took us 15 months to set up this kind of event. It was a mistake, but we can clarify that we are in 2019 … we need to to watch the great things that happened last night, where there was no regret, "he said.

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