Three cameras for their first Samsung with a cricket screen


During the launch of the Galaxy A9s and Galaxy A6s event, Samsung thought that the next Galaxy A8s would come with innovative screen design. Yesterday, without going on, we will tell you that everything is saying that it's a? including LCD Infinity-O made by BOE.

A few days ago, apart from that, divided the AllAboutSamsung German media conceptual images of the new phone Samsung's distinctive phone based on the technical specifications they received. Now, finally, most of the features were broadcast.

Triple camera and 6GB of RAM

Galaxy A8s

As we said, all things are identifying the Galaxy A8s and # 39; come with an Infinity-O screen design, or what is the same, a panel with a hole in the top left corner where the camera is facing. That screen, besides that, a 6.39 inches LCD provided by the Chinese manufacturer BOE. This makes the A8s a & # 39; The first Samsung model to turn the screen into, to & # 39; again confirm the strategy for the inclusion of new features in the media that the company has taken on.

On the other hand, it is likely that the Galaxy A8s will contain the Snapdragon 710 chipset with 6GB of LPDDR4 RAM and most likely, a 128GB different resource, which can be expanded to 512GB by adding it to a microSD card. There are also 3,400 mAh and USB-C products.

According to the leaks, the Galaxy A8s would incorporate a three-dimensional camera made of 25 megapixels, 5 megapixels and 10 megapixels sensors

In the photo section, according to the leaks, the Galaxy A8s containing a three-back camera was made of 25 megapixels, 5 megapixels and 10 megapixels; There are no more information on lens types, their openings and other features. The hole in the screen, with a 6.7 mm diameter, is in the house Camara face 24 megapixel similar to the Galaxy A7 (2018).

Ultimately, the Samsung Galaxy A8s seems to have everything including Android 9.0 Piece after the new Samsung OneUI series and measures 159.11 x 74.88 x 7.38 mm. It is likely to see the light in January 2019 in a green color that is converted, but does not know what data about price and access.

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