Three depressed lines caught in trillions of gambling?


Thursday, November 22, 2012 07:02 AM (GMT + 7)

It concluded that it has benefited more than 1,232 billion from online complaint but only three performance jobs need to do more than 100 billion.

Three depressed lines caught in trillions of gambling? - 1

The representative of Freedom Attorney General Phu Tho (PPC) said the population in the Phu Tho area said the money needed to capture the network was much lower than the loss

On the afternoon of the 21st of November, representatives of the Public Referee in Phu Tho continent were continually hosting. the court should be prosecuted and the trillion completed a complaint warrant on the crime show network.

As well as penalties for 92 offenses, the prosecutor also raised the crops to deal with more than VND1 trillion of network operators; benefit from the gambling line. According to their prejudice, through the transcription of the online casino gaming player, the network has earned more than 1,232 billion.

In particular, Viettel received over 913 billion; Vinaphone enjoys more than 147 billion; Bilingual will earn more than 171 billion. The compulsory office raised some reasonable costs, including taxes and discounts for agents … and said that Viettel needed more than 274 billion dollars, Vinaphone to negotiate over 60 billion dong and extracted from Mobifone. VND38 billion.

However, in court, the Representative of the People's Phu Phu Tho Committee said that the digital content service is a using its telecommunications card has been a long decline, not only in the case of card games and to be developed by a & # 39; contract between the main company Payment to the network.

This was approved by the Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIT) through the agreement of the Game Game Project G1. Network operators have contracted for digital payment of digital pay cards from the pre-Rikvip game in the event, but during this time government departments did not inspect the division. Stopping the use of telecommunications cards in digital content services.

Three depressed lines caught in trillions of gambling? - 2

The guardians in court

Patients identified the views and weakness of telecommunications initiatives to use scratch cards in digital content in general and games are particularly a & # 39; licensed by specific MIC documents. This is the most common state administration organization in the telecommunications department, so it is useful to collect money from telecommunications initiatives that can handle illegal documents.

Therefore, it is only possible to deal with operators under civil liability as they do not have a legal basis. After re-enumeration, Phu Tho provinciach Public Assistant representative said Viettel businessmen had to pay more than 106 billion; VAT over 13 billion and MobiFone over 15 billion.

For CNC-related payment agents, negotiation payroll companies do not comply with regulations. Therefore, the revenue from the company must benefit from the gambling line to divide the following money without taxes, fees.

In addition, 33 banks that provide ATM cards must benefit from online gaming services in the Rikvip / card game format too; repayment of state budget. In particular, Vietcombank was separated from a second phase settlement of the case because there was not enough data to assess the debt.

The chieftain includes police clans: Need to determine almost 400 billion of three workers

The Phu Tò People Committee celebrates Viettel; Vinaphone; Mobifone has earned 1,232 billion from the service …

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