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There was a Frenchman Kenten Fijon-Maye who won his / her impact and biography; He was the second in charge. He was in the same military range, finishing 30 minutes and 55.8 seconds.

At the same time, Norway Vetl Shostad Kristiansen was the second, who won Friday's win and did not stop one goal and Fionon lost 25.9 vessels. At the same time, the third Frenchman Simon Destie, who made three penalties and lost 47.3 seconds for a countryman.

Since the last episode, Fione-Maye was covered with a three-second lead over Kristiansen, but in the last kilometer he was out of the abuser. closest.

After the podium in the fourth place, the leader of the Juhann Tingnese Bee from Norwegian session, the fifth was taken by his & her; Germany Eric Lesers, but the first six were prepared by the Swiss Benjamin Veger.

Then, Rastorgujev made five mistakes in hunting, Fijon-May lost three minutes and 33.0 seconds.

Rastorgujev was on track 29 on this race – one minute and 35 seconds behind Kristiansen. In the first line of fury, he made two mistakes and went back to the fourteenth, but the second shot was right, which allowed him to climb to the 19th place.

Also in the next fishing line Alderman closed all the goals that let him climb to the 14th place. Indeed, after his fourth fury, Latvian dietary would have to pass into three penalty laws, which prevented him from being arrested. fight for the season record. He was hiding from the hunting field at the 21st place, but got the 19th finish.

Rstorgujev made 29th a ten-kilometer lottery, and Robert Slotiņš was in the 72th position, and Alexander Patrick was 84th among 86 biathlonists.

On Thursday, Baiba Bendika took the 66th place in the 7.5-kilometer livestock race, so it was not decided on Saturday, and Ulsbah-Mars Norwegian Recipes won.

There are mixed walks at the end of this weekend on Sunday.

The problem began in North America last week when the race was only one class class and relay. Rastorgujev won the 23th place in a 15-kilometer distance.

Rastorgujev won the best result at this time at Rupnov in fifth grade, when he won the 13th sprint.

In the middle of the season Rastorgujev was recruited to a Norwegian dietitian and the current coach Frude Andresen, who won three medals at the Olympic Games. So a Latin athlete stopped working with his long-term coach Intaru Berkuli.

Rastorgujev was after the Olympics in Phonchhan, where he did not start as he hoped, and was thinking about the future in Latvian diet. At the Olympics, he achieved the best result in the drill, where he took the 12th place. He was still in 24th place, 28th with a big start, but in the 20 kilometer a single distance with six mistakes in hunting it was only 59 years.

But Rastorgujev was the 13th in the World Cup in general, this is his vocational record. At the seventh stage of the season, Kontiolahti won second place in a sprint race, and engraved on his & her; podium for his second time.

There are nine levels in the World Cup this season, including the World Championship in March in Esteshund, Sweden. Then, the season ends just after the next step in Norway.

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