Three kingdoms will be suspended until May


The 2019 start has been fantastic with games like New Super Bros. You Deluxe, Ace Fbat 7: Unknown Shoes, Evidentach 2 and Kingdom Hearts 3, but unfortunately strategy game fans have not yet been able to continue to celebrate. However, it was likely that there would be an Total War: The three kingdoms of this settlement in March, but that is no longer a matter.

The Creative War of this Total War can tell: three kingdoms were suspended until May 23. The reason is so simple that they want to create the most complex and worst game in the history and now they have decided that the game needs a little time in the stove to make sure it's a stay up to people 's expectations. So, there will be around two months and a half with an extra waiting time before we see it can live up to those laws.

Total War: Three Rebellion

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