Three modules have been upgraded to the 2019 BMW X1 three models on the market – a seven-car drive


Pande, the recently published BMW distributor, has published his excellent X1 holiday holiday on launching a new trial version 2019, offering X1 sDrive18i (NT $ 1.83 million), X1 sDrive18d (NT $ 1.93 million), X1 sDrive20i (NT $ 2.07 million) There are three stages to choose.

The BMW X1 2019 is normally normalized with full refreshment. The car is fully equipped with the BMW Intelligent Satellite Handling Travel System, 8.8 central control screen screen, iDrive knob touch handicap, purchase show, travel advisory secretary and long-term traffic information. At the same time, it is equipped with an active system that is absorbed in an accident, and # 39; alerts pedestrians, a lorry departure warning, a supervision assistance guide, and a SOS emergency help service. When there is an emergency, the driver can talk to the BMW rescue center through the button on the page; When the vehicle has a huge impact, the SOS Emergency Help System is automatically automated; sign for time support.

The BMW Intelligent Mobile Travel System is equipped with a 8.8-inch display display weak.

The destination display that is evaluated on the front gear shows how fast & # 39; the road and the distance.

The X1 is equipped with the help of active fighting in sweeping and pedestrian footprint, a lane warning, aiding help and emergency help SOS.

The new BMW ConnectedDrive renewal and car network service is also a leading retail hub for BMW.

In terms of resources and performance, the New Year's model criterion is a "#; come up with an appropriate room management system, which can change the entire area of ​​the seat and rear of the seat according to the needs of the traveler, so that the luggage can be flexible between 505 ~ 1550 liters. Use. Other features include an in-service system (including embossing toolkit), opening and closing of tail-tail, dual power seat, electric magnets and more.

The normal system of backdoor normal room provides access to passengers; To develop the front and rear area of ​​the seat and the back angle of the seat as necessary.

The draft sDrive20i pilot is equipped with a glass electric window.

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