Three music stars will choose between Russia's shelter


A selection is blown throughout the country. This wind has taken the area's culture. Three musical stars have been announced from the BNP. Names marked by symbol, Kanakchampa, Monir Khan and Baby Najinin were confirmed. On Monday afternoon, a letter from the Gulshan office official to the BNP chairman was sent to the nomination papers.

Rumanian writer Morshed Kanakchampa gave a letter agreed with others. In the Sirajganj-1 (Kazipur) constituency, it is named to compete on BNP. After announcing them, Kanak Chappa said, "After buying signatures, I have been getting greeted by the locals. I want to be involved in the development Sirajganj-1 seats. I wanted the BNP as my platform and I got it. Named, it was announced as a benefit, "Kanak Chapa wrote on Facebook," It's always easy to think of me all the time. There are nationally tough choices from each side. I'm sorry. I would sing a fiddling song like water. Everyone praying for me, Inshallah, we can make a good variety of artists to the artists. & # 39;

The musical star, Baby Naznin, received a name from the BNP. Nilphamari-4 (Syedpur-Kishoreganj) sit on the list of nominated candidates of the BNP, and the former subsidiary manager of the Syedpur Parliament. Amjad Hossain's name is named. Baby Najin said, "I have already worked for the Nilphamari-4 constituent people. If you choose the symbol of a tree-seal symbol, it will be found to Allah In my home Saidpur, I will take part in the This election should be with the locals.

The musical star Monir Khan was named. Jhenidah-3 (Maheshpur and Kotchandpur), known as the well-known singer, has named a name to oppose the symbol of Sheila de Rus BNP. He was nominated on Monday night at 4:30 pm. Monir Khan is not limited to music. In addition to music, he is involved in politics. The artist is already recognized as an active supporter for the national party. He often participated in a number of exciting BNP events. This artist chooses from the Jhenaidah-3 constituency for public service. Monir Khan has been associated with Jatiya Sangskritik Sangsad (Jasas) for a long time. In addition, he is currently the main BNP cultural secretary.

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