Three of the 9th people drowned when they were washed in the river


At 13h30 on November 18, Nguyen Van Giap, Nguyen Van Thang, Tran Duy Duc (9th grade students, Khai Lang High School, Anh Son area, Nghe An) went to the River Lam to cross the river. Identify the Long Son.

During the bath, three boys fall into deep dough and swept away with the water that is in the water; gutting. Find out some of the students standing on the shore, jump to the river to save you but not.

Mr Dang Dinh Cong, Chairman of the Commune Long Son People's Committee, said that local authorities have encouraged people to use the net, using black research. Tonight I got the body of Giap and Thang, 5m away from the crash site.

"This area is raging, very dangerous, and the authorities have many soldiers going to look for their bodies," said Cong.

Hai Binh

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