Three other bank licenses


Bangladesh Bank Three other private banks have approved the middle bank of their central bank. Ricalana Board of Directors approved a new Bank three nights. The third term of government is currently approved by 14 banks.

At its main bank meeting, a policy decision was agreed to approve the agreement of the three new banks called Bengal Commercial, the Bank of the People and Citizens. Initially, the bank will get the letter of mind or interest. After this, the Fair Bank will agree to start the actions after completing other formal forms. But the rest of the actions are just formal.

We know that the meeting of the Board of Directors, which started in four on Sunday at 9pm. Then, active director of a fair bank, Abu Farah Md. Nasher told journalists that a three-bank agreement was agreed to agree. These banks need to build a capital paid up the Tk 500 crore within two years. In the licensing level, it is a Tk 400 crocodile; paid capital of the banks. In addition to the Finance Ministry to approve the three new banks, the Bank of Bangladesh was given written and oral guidance as well as a higher level of government.

Bangladesh Bank has allowed 14 private companies for three years from the Grand Alliance government since 2009. Border Bangladesh Police (BGB) and Bangladesh Police also acquired new banks with the leaders of Awami League. With the agreement of the three new banks, the total number of registered bank accounts in the countryside 62. Over half of the banks is in an important state.

According to stores, on October 29 last year, a bank account meeting at the # terminus on three banks ordered Sunday. But due to the lack of documents, the agreement was not given at that time.

Former Chairman of Bengal Bank, Jasim Uddin, had appealed for the Bengal Commercial Bank in the three new banks. Chairman of the Morshed Alam Bengal MP Group, Awami League MP and Mercantile Bank Director. The President of the Chittagong Chamber Mahbubul Alam, Managing Director of Diamond World Dilip Kumar Agarwal, Shahabuddin Wheel Businessman, KDS Group and Max Group of Chittagong, Labib and Sharmin Group of the clothing department and some other traders, among others , the prospective banks.

A wide leader of the Awami Premier League MA Kashem has applied for the Bank of the People. His house at Sandwip in Chittagong. Although he says he has a business in the United States, he can not submit enough documents to his / her; a central bank. Earlier, following a board meeting, the main bank said that the accounts of MA Kashem's funds should be determined by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Law Minister, Anisul Haque's mother, Jahanara Haque, applied for Citizen Bank. The proposed three approved banks were agreed on a Sunday board meeting.

Asked about the current situation of new banks, the former governor of Salehuddin Ahmed's bank was in the first light, before banking on political and social issues. It was not good, but people could not trust those banks. As a result, the financial department has also been influenced. If the bank is run by adding professionals to new and innovative ideas, there may be good results.

The activities of the private sector banking in Bangladesh began in 1983. During the administration of the Ershad government (1982-90) the banks were approved. During the government led by BNP in 1991-96, eight new banks were approved. 13 banks will be approved for the period 1996-2001 of the Awami League government Bank Bank has approved 14 banks for three terms from 2009 to yesterday.

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