Three suspicions of miners were arrested in Spain


Handlebars. (Pictures) – ERIC BERACASSAT / SIPA

  • Three minority people, from Algeria's origin, were arrested after trying to stop the subway in Valencia, Spain.
  • They could even be involved in the slaughter of Croix-Rousse.
  • On 5 March, a video that was uploaded to social networks by a person aged 28 years was introduced.

Three minorities of the Algeria nationality, who were suspected of being involved in the murder recorded in Lyon, were arrested in Spain, where they are currently reserved. "They might be responding to the people who wanted," said Nicolas Jacquet, the Republican figure for the Lyon, saying three European armed warriors had been issued by the judge-in-law.

French police are heading for Spain in an order of extradition imposed by France. "Reviews are currently making sure that the purpose of Croix Rousse," said the procurator fiscal.

Take action of poisoning and brutality

A judicial investigation was opened with the fiscal's office in Lyon Monday, for "to be murdered by prohibited acts and to promote a bar in groups" for the first victim and "acts of pain and destruction". in the gang of the band "put on the second."

A young man, who was also small, was shown yesterday before the judge's examination arrived. Reliance on the non-help of a person at risk and the prevention of crime will be taken.

Detected by their stockings

The three boys were arrested in the subway in Valencia when trying to travel without tickets, reporting the newspaper Levante-EMV. The agents quickly realized that detectives were small and unaided. They then caught the miners' floor.

"The police recognized that they were wearing bloody shoes and recent cuts in their hands," according to the newspapers which the teenagers would identify through the video on social networks.

Sixty pictures of stab

On 5 March a man sent a message to the police after seeing a video showing one of his friends. A few minutes later, the victim's body aged 28 and Algerian were found home. The autopsy then published "about 60 lotan stab".

The video showed the second victim, lying on the ground. Recognized, inspectors may listen to it. "Her days are not in danger even though she has suffered a lot of injury," the procurator's office said on 7 March.

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