Three Waremme transport companies that are suspected of social fraud and trafficking


His case was published in January 2015 after one of the drivers who had been in charge. suffering the injuries. The labor inspectors investigated the case and issue; The trafficking of people and social behavior caused by three companies that were active in international and international road transport in Waremme. These three family companies are expected to use wild companies based in Slovoa to attract drivers and remove the ONSS sum. 183 employee draperies are worried.

Three Belgian companies (one of these was broken), three other Slovak and four natural people had appeared before the Council Chamber. The latter concluded a general decision to the Criminal Court.

According to the defendant's solicitors, a basic question will be asked when they analyze their attributes; case, in relation to the application with Belgium from Belgian legislation and not with regard to European legislation.

Due to the amount of the cleared grants, which would be up to two million euros, the tax case may have a very good financial impact if they have confirmed that the companies involved.

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