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▲ Realtek fourth quarter activity is expected to be better than the previous quarter. (钜 亨 网 资料 照)
▲ Realtek fourth quarter activity is expected to be better than the previous quarter. (钜 亨 网 资料 照)

Ruiqi (6416-TW) lawsuit Hai Rescue Equipment Manager (2317-TW) (6416-TW) on the 21st, said the General Manager, Hong Defu, said that the three quarters of the quarter were benefiting from three major projects Outcome, performance will be Increase per season, As well as moving raw materials, the overall profit margins are stable, and the approximate position can be extended to the first half of next year. He also stated that the target income will reach 55-65 billion yuan within 3 years.

Looking forward to the & # 39; Fourth, Hong Defu said that, as three new projects are entering the major production level, the expected performance is expected to be achieved; expects to grow compared to the third quarter, with the highest in December. As a result of her & # 39; normal production arrangements plan, there is no appropriate scope. There is too much impact, but for urgent orders, new test results will depend on internal coordination.

In addition, Hong Defu discovered that the exchange rate and main trends of substantial prices are useful to the long-term profit situation. It is expected that the total level of profitable members in the fourth quarter will remain stable in the preceding quarter, which will also help to make the total profit outflow steady next year.

Hong Defu said he will reinforce network security and computerization computers in a hardware platform, and provide high telecommunications materials. At the same time, soft and hard solution solutions for business storage (industrial NAS), smart grid, and a wide range network (software). South Westerly

According to the Ruiqi Power plan, the income will reach 2021 55-65 billion yuan, and including revenue from approximately 3.6-38 billion yuan networking, SD-WAN income is 1.3-1.5 billion yuan, and the NAS estimate of business. There are 3-6 billion yuan, 4G / 5G appliances about 2-4 billion yuan, and a smart grid is about 1-2 billion yuan.

In the third quarter of this year, the Raychem Power Grid product line accounted for 83% of the total revenue, SD-WAN was 15%, NAS was active; accounting for 1%, and the other reported 1%.

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