Throughout the line: Buy voices in the 2018 local elections


The Roma offered 5 euros for a & # 39; voting ball and the mustard.

Cez's line was in several polling days in several towns in Slovakia to the east. He got a record where corrosion is spoken directly.

Katarína Jánošíková spoke to the settlements with several Roma, who intended to offer something to their voices.

The Roma fears if they do not voice, they also come into operation with an action. And if they talk about corruption, it will be finally stated as it happened in the past.

The scientist reminds us that it is important to have a & # 39; Certifying not only media, but especially merchants.

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The Research Festival through Chiar is due to the collaboration between Pavel Fejer and Katarína Jánošíková with the Nadace Stop the Corruption Trust.

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