Throwing a helmet when they were; riding a motorcycle, two died


Saturday, 11/17/2018 19:30 PM (GMT + 7)

Destruction when you go to your home, follow Chien (Nghe An) and then throw a helmet on the opponent, Linh Linh lost a dip in the water, 3 casualties.

On the afternoon of November 17, Lieutenant Colonel Tran Van Hung, former head of the district of Thanh Chuong district, said: The prosecution unit made the case, Nguyen Huu Chien (SN 2002, living in stone 5, Thanh Thuy Commune, Thanh Chuong District) to investigate "Murdo" crime.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Hung, November 5, Nguyen Van Linh (SN 1998, living in Vo Liet commune, Thanh Chuong), Nguyen Van Truong (SN 2005) and Hoang Quoc Khanh (SN 2003) Thanh Chuong ) to Le Thi Quyen Anh (2005, Thanh Thuy, Thanh Chuong) to play.

Then, Dinh Ba Dung (SN 2003, living in Tien Chinh, Vo Liet commune) and Nguyen Huu Chien also came to Quyen's house. Here, the two groups are in conflict. Anger, Truc and Truong 2 are responsible. Seeing this, Linh responded to the mystery friends and so left to & # 39; group.

At this time, Dung and War in terms of the Spirit's view should decide to hit. By 17h on the same day, Linh's team found the opposite side of the QL46 section through the Ngoc Son company and thus runs Chien Dung to run out. Then, Chien gave the helmet to the face and ran away. Suddenly throwing away, Linh lost control and dropped people down the ditch in the water. As a result, Linh died now, and Khanh and Quyen were severely injured by people who were brought to emergency hospitals in a tough situation. Ron night from 13/11, boxing died too.

Throwing a helmet when they were; cycling on a motorcycle, two people died - 1

Throwing a helmet on the face, Linh lost his back to fall

Earlier, as Traffic Journal reports, about 5:30 pm. On November 5, at km 50+ 200 QL46, the BKS: 37B1 – 155. 91 motorcycle led by Nguyen Van Linh carrying Le Thi Quyen Anh and Hoang Quoc Khanh sitting behind him, and # 39; rounded up Ngoc Son – Vo Liet commune. When he goes to Lam Giang's home, Vo Liet lost control of the road ditch suddenly.

"After a field test, the people's self-review and certification, according to Thanh Chuong Police Department, is not just a traffic accident. At the time of the corpse of the passive is quite far from the road, at the time of the accident there is no Any way to go to the other side, the road is quite wide, less obstacles. As well as the evidence that people give to the police, this may be murdered. But, at that time, two wounded sufferers were unfamiliar and they could not give a certificate to answer the investigation, "said Hung.

He said that as a result of a small struggle when traveling, Chien gave a helmet off the road, causing bad damage to two, one injured. Sufficiently to investigate "Murdo" crime.

Bring chill powder into the driver's eye to mock robbers

On July 15, the Dinh Quan district (Dong Nai area) continues to host; Case 2 criminal cases from Mai Van Hoan, SN 1991 and Mai Van Hai, SN 1990, …

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