Thursday, Time with a Number Quinté the day will have a number 2 as the basis of the Turfomania


Sixteen competitors will now compete in the Prix Du Tricentennaire des Grandes, a day support event, over 1300 meters in Chantilly.

Time for a flyin modern afternoon Chantilly's number 2 is the lost date.

Start the Turfomania game in a quinté Thursday in Chantilly

Time to Fly (2): This contest is a contemporaneous, poorly-drawn contestant last year. It is a place close to the winner and is close to the previous winner. Sestilio Jet, a competitor with a value of 47.5 of malice. He was given a high reputation at the time of his March 6 race in Compiègne, despite the heavy ground, ATH GU FLY responded to the demands of the consumer by impressing Wetrov. T a ghostly feature of the incident. Believed to victory in this kind of competition, TIME to FLY could delighted with us on Thursday.

General numbers about Time To Fly

  • Running: 11
  • Advantages: 2
  • Added: 8
  • Level of winning success: 18%
  • Level of success: 73%

Time To Fly numbers on the route we are interested in

  • Running the races: 1
  • Impact: 0
  • Added: 1
  • Level of winning success: 0%
  • Level of success: 100%

Time to Fly numbers with BOUDOT PC.

A flyer will be associated with a PC BOUDOT. which has his success in the first 3 of 86% (6 being organized for 7 races) t

To view the list of beginners, preview and history of the Quinté Plus race day: click here

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