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Three were arrested then released on Wednesday morning's ticketing tickets and showers were pick up again at a Canadian Post Mail processing center to support ordered checks back to work, by organizer.

Around 40 people attended the campaign early in the morning, Dylan Penner asked people for Post Workers. This is a second protest in Ottawa this week as senior executive performers throughout the country.

"We were there today that we would have a community pipe and tried to make sure there was no current or out-of-day post," said Penner, saying that exhibitors have a & # 39; Ensure that job makers receive their rights; Agreement denied by the legislation back this week.

Legislation similar to what was agreed by First Minister Stephen Harper was to be non-statutory, Penner said, saying that exhibitors are aiming to put pressure on government. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been recalling the legislation and emphasizing Canada Post to hold "fair" conversation with postal workers on issues including injury rates and a & # 39; pay fairness.

"Although job makers have reverted the legislation, millions of other staff from shore to shore are not restricted by that legislation," he said, aimed at putting actions across Canada.

The police said the exhibitors to Avenue Sandford Fleming sometimes appeared at times and measured their number at about 30 and arrested at "a little." A spokesman said that Monday and Wednesday exhibitions are ongoing. No further information was distributed.

Canada Post said that "its individuals have a" mail "transfer of its resources in Ottawa, Hamilton and Oshawa.

"We will continue to take appropriate action to tackle illegal activity that will affect the collection and delivery of posts and parcels," said his. company.

In Ottawa on Monday, many of the campaigners from the Ottawa branch of the Communist Party of the Government and International World Workers, said a spokesman.

On Saturday, Canada Post said he had been unlawful to people who "do not work in Canada Post and are not connected to the company" despite Upper Ontario court order opposed Ontario resources.

The Senate gave up legislation from a week ago since there were strikes to move into their sixth week.

Canada's Union Posted on Monday morning ", aimed at blocking Canadian Post resources in Ottawa, Oshawa and Hamilton and to exhibitions throughout the country over the weekend.

Six people were arrested in Halifax over the weekend to block post facility; Other pipes were held in London on Tuesday.

In a "message to the Canadians," his company said on its website ", as before, previously, Canada Post has been blocking the commitments its delivery for all products to find out more. "


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