Tickets from the Metropole can not open a lottery ticket


The Finance Ministry is consulting on the draft round of a computer lottery business, and # 39; replacing the document published in 2013. This draft looks at changing the terms of becoming a lottery representative. The number of options for individuals and economic groups.

Therefore, in addition to the criteria for pay duties, business centers, staff … agents must be relatives or capital donations from the relatives of individuals who hold subtitles from the west -and one or more divisions of the lottery company or other units involved in the operation of the system. The company's relatives in this section are brothers, parents, adoptive parents, sisters, sisters, brothers or daughters and daughters, children who are accepted.

The exact format of its contents is that Petitothea has the right to take the initiative in a & # 39; level-rate scheme for each product but not exceeding 60% of the total value of tickets. Payments for customers must be made within five days of receipt of the request.

Users of Vietlott selection at a retail point in Ho Chi Minh City. Picture: Side.

Users of Vietlott selection at a retail point in Ho Chi Minh City. Photograph: East Coast.

Lottery tickets are distributed through direct sale through border, internet, landline and mobile.

For two types of Vietnam Vietnamese Lottery Company (Vietit) expected to be implemented next time they will be telephoned and online, the partners need the census be registered with a & # 39; lottery company. Users must tell 6 groups of information, full name; birth date; identity card, passport or passport; registration place; The number of accounts opened at domestic credit institutions and others.

The three main types of lottery are the maitrits, the order and the early dialysis. Bhiobott implements two of them, Mega 6/45, Power 6/55 and Max4D.

According to the globe, Vietlott is used in a national lottery and in October, cover in 45 areas and cities. The company expects to go to; expanding its jobs in the last few months of the year, at the same time launching new lotto content with 15-minute opening hours and its output; Increasing number of active agents to more than 6,000 borders. South Westerly

East Coast

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