Tifosi is still tough side by side with Italy


Tifosi is still tough side by side with Italy

Women also talk about football!

That is Huy Hoang's feeling about typhoid in a country; box. On the way to San Siro for the Italian-Portuguese game to be held last year, Huang met the manager of the traditional room Giulia Manto. Not only does it look like a beautiful look with a beautiful white shirt, ability to speak fluently in four languages ​​(on four flags of shirts: Italy, France, Spain and England, representing 4 language), Giulia also hosts foreign guests with her knowledge of football.

Giulia talks about the problems she has; Italy nowadays, from the transferee after EURO 2016, not to top strike, Ciro Immobile constraints, Andrea Belotti … when there is a small rock in the highlands of the European League The current Captain Roberto Mancini, who was lost by a team of students (most of Milan and Juventus) did not return to him at the beginning.

By talking to Giulia, who is an old student who spent her; Most of the children who were learning abroad but still were learning; Looking for Italy, he found himself interested in football in Italy. any one. Giulia is pleased that 60 million (which is similar to the Italian people) in Italy, is a coach of the national team, from 5-6 year olds to old people near the land, their own creation and customs to everyone. South-West Seats in the seat of Mancini coach under pressure, or is not happy.

Azzurri will connect national fans

The Italian-Portuguese game was held in San Siro, but the Milaners did not have any priorities in buying tickets compared to the NHM … worldwide (Huang bought online tickets). Present in Milan those days to see that the typhoon comes from all over Italy to go to; entertaining the Azzurri.

One year ago, the San Siro stadium hosted its Italian-Swedish game, 2018. World Cup players. It was a wonderful attack of around 350,000 Napoli supporters who crossed Italy to the south to Milan. Watch the Azzurri play, and respect Lorenzo Insigne and Jorginho (then Naples).

After the disappearance of Italy, San Siro cleaners were the worst of the tens of ten thousands of Naples. By placing a & # 39; Azzurri's war from the World Cup in 60 years, as long as his Name was on his / her; mountain for 90 minutes, Napoli protectors write invasion lines about Gian Piero Ventura coach and some officers. Italian FA is blamed. They put thousands of paper pieces in the seats, tunnel doors and San Siro's garden.

This change differs from typhoon happiness after the 0-0 draw, Portugal, although Italy did not reach the tour to make the League Nations Nations round trip. For now, the Tifosi believes they have a "good person" worthy of a Mancini coach, as well as the reform measures that the Italian Football Association wants.

U21 team water show

Huy Hoang also came to Reggio Emilia to watch the game between U21 Italia and U21 A & 39; Germany on Mapei (home of Sassuolo) in the morning. Although the national team did not have a great deal of interest, but thousands of watermarks (temperatures in Reggio Emilia only 1-2 degrees C) to support the U21 team.

The pupils come out at the beginning of the season, with players such as Patrick Cutrone, Manuel Locatelli, Riccardo Orsolini and especially the keeper of Emil Audero.

In general, the 21st team has also played a football festival, since Reggio Emilia is rarely elected to host the Azzurri. In addition, Sassuolo is praised to encourage young talent and so local people are also regarded as having many of the kids' stars that make up their shirt.

Musicians are happy with Mancini, although they prefer Carletto

Generally, Mancini (pictured) was widely published in Milan, in particular because he was very much responsible for his / her. Guides the national team in the most difficult and hopeful times. Despite this, the Milanista and even some of the Carlo Ancelotti translators prefer to Italy.

Milan fans spend Bonucci

Leonardo Bonucci has received many attacks, trass from the Tifosi Milan during the Portuguese counter game. Greater Bonucci 's oldest grandmother Milanan & He left Juventus in the summer of 2018 after just one year in the Milan shirt. The interior is also nice to Bonucci as this defender has grown up from the inter-youth, but is famous in Juve.

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