Tiger Global dumps in Barclays in a beat to Staley


Tiger Global, a US capital asset, one of Barclays's largest exporters, has sold all its stores, in line with people who are familiar with the case, in a blow to & # 39; bank to get support for its converter strategy.

A Tiger-based Tiger was among the main defenders of the Jes Staley plan, chief executive to develop a regionalized bank price by revitalizing its & banking bank.

But its multibillion dollar hedge fund – which had been a top 10 investor started with around 2.5 per cent of participation – a & # 39; falling down in summer in the summer before he removed it earlier this year, the people said.

Taking a Tiger comes at a difficult time for Barclays, Trying to stop Edward Bramson, an active activist, stepping up to the board and changing engineering in a strategy that would be a " including the ban on its banking bank.

When a Tiger placed the situation, he was seen as an increase to Mr Staley, who has committed to defending his defense bank against Mr Bramson's attack.

The US capital asset spent more than $ 1bn for its profit in Barclays in November 2017, when shares were in place; a trading bank at around 180p. The shares of the company then started to connect 217p in March last year but since then they lost around a quarter of their value. On Friday, the stock closed at 159.5p.

Most of the assets of a property were Swallow was held through discussions, which meant that the Tiger did not; affecting his situation appearing on the Barclays department register, one of the people said.

Tiger and Barclays refused to say.

At the time, people who were familiar with Tiger's decision pointed out in Barclays that the move was based on arguing that Mr Staley was right to turn the bank back to focus on sales the UK and its a bank led by the US.

Tiger also believed that Barclays' big presence on Wall Street was in a position; means that one of the key beneficiaries among foreign banks would appear to be a corporate tax cuts sitting at Donald Trump as well as an increase in US interest rates.

Tiger Global was set up in 2001 by Chase Coleman, who is the most famous leader of the "Tiger Cub" bandwidth who has learned their work long ago. They worked for the famous businessman Julian Robertson at the Tiger Management company in the 1990s.

The funding has been susceptible to invest in technology companies, but in recent years it has expanded and supports pizza & JC Penney, the seller, who plus Spotify, Adobe and Salesforce, according to recent recent sales.

One person who knew the case said that the decision should not be a n; leaving Barclays described as a loss of confidence in Mr Staley, and that the property seemed to have seen more attractive investment opportunities elsewhere.

Mr Bramson, who has built a 5.5 gate at Barclays through the Sherborne Reservoir, has emerged as one of the biggest challenges for Mr Staley's strategy to retain the company's banking bank – and he says it's a "black box with too much weight".

Earlier this month he said he was planning to go to a board; bank at Barclays' annual meeting in May. However, one fifth-fifth shareholder told the Financial Times expected Mr Bramson to lose the proxy battle.

"Everything I hear from investors is that there is a consensus that does not vote for it," said the museum. "He wants to be raised above other large shareholders like ourselves, and he has not even published his very good plan."

But the investor stated that Mr Bramson would be wrong to translate into the Barclays strategy. "It must be remembered that Bramson is not pointless. He's been a terrible stock."

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