TikTok: When a gummy bears sing Adele's rule online


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Did you see the viral video with a gummy choir choir singing a certain chorus of Someone Like You?

Not to see people who are in a position; planted on potatoes?

Or maybe you've been out and about and that someone has said he hit "hit or miss" to you?

These unlikely experiences do not usually share one thing – they are a memi on TikTok, the video app for a short form you may not have heard if you are over 35.

For those who use it, it's a big case and the app is trying to spread access to new people all the time.

Owned by a Chinese internet internet, the application was first launched in China in 2016 with the name Douyin and grew to 100 million users instead of one year, with a daily show bill.

This is the best downloaded app in China and in Thailand before the beginning of 2018, and in October the third app that was downloaded all over the world. world.

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Gummy Bears was singing a great song on TikTok

And it has not been very bad in the Second part, with 80 million downloads in the US.

In 2017, Byted Musical.ly – purchased an additional video clip that could be known to parents of young children – raising awareness and increasing 30 million users.

Now more than half a billion of its active users, with 40% of them outside China.

Videos created on TikTok are not more than 15 seconds – although it has been attempted with recent cuts recently and some videos of videos can make up to 59 seconds . Recent adverts have recently been published on the site as it looks at ways to evaluate content.

All clips are based on topics such as music, cooking, dancing or fashion.

Previously, Bytedance had targeted news, with an app called Toutiao that used AI algorithms to learn user choices. The same AI is used to bring relevant videos to TikTok users.

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Musical, like a love of pre-teenage children, has brought a new generation of users to TikTok

TikTok has many distinctive effects on a prestigious studio style, as an editorial tool that allows people to move things with their minds.

"TikTok has been a successful model of user created content by creating simple and accessible professional video creation," said Paul Barnes, managing director of App Annie, an analysis company.

And although this is not the first type of this type – remember Vine? – it's been very stable.

"The video was compatible with the video video in a short format, but it was harder to create quality video. You were on your own attacks, and there was a need for a high level of technical expertise, together with talent as an actor, to create something trying to watch, "said Mr Barnes.

"In comparison, the editing appears in TikTok and the very simple type of hitting is that it's easier than ever to go to; creating original video content. "

TikTok is often a recommendation to be one of the few happy places on the internet – it has its amazing video clips. oppose some of the darkest YouTube content.

Maybe that's not, he's thinking about Charlotte McEleny, The Drum's marketing publisher.

"There is no regular platform generated by a user or a predominantly user-controlled user. It is possible to learn from the mistakes previously made, because there is a sharp balance for doing these platforms in creating creativity and self-optimization, and also to protect users from unsatisfactory content. "

Who uses TikTok?

Sophie 12 (typically is not enough to use the application that is officially for 13 year olds and over). She came, like many youngsters, through the music. He has permission to use TikTok's parent. She says that he used more when he was a player. So, it enjoys the most important way to do; there.

"You can go for one minute, the videos are 15 minutes long so you'll see a lot in a short time," she said.

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Munavar Zeb does not participate in a challenge as they are They need a lot of creativity and they do enough time

Munavar Zeb is 32 and lives in the Indian city of Surat. It has been on TikTok for more than a year and it's good to write videos of it, and it's a? done on a Sunday, one day off.

"I think that the fundamental fundamental thing that appeals is that someone can work, dance, sing, and do what It's good at home and uploading to enjoy the world and it's very well known, "said BBC

"I do not know everyone but yes, I feel very happy and happy when someone has a video chat."

Laurie Elle

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Laurie Elle reviews the app every day and has been involved in some of the challenges

Laurie Elle is 20 years old from Manchester with over 2.5 million followers on TikTok, and some of the online events have been invited. As a dancer, it is used exclusively for sharing dance videos.

She says that she is seeing that the application is very easy to use. "You can do the videos directly from your phone and add to the apps, you do not have to use any professional device for TikTok.

"The motions on the app are very attractive, fun and easy to play and it allows everyone to share their own content and be creative," she said.

She added to the BBC, although the application is largely free of "negative content", the place is online where she and she; get the "most negative comments and messages", although TikTok's choice is to protect those.

Relax or hate it, it may be difficult to avoid, in part, when a meme or clip appears from the app on the internet, the logo is presented with invited people to visit On the site, a prestigious marketing piece that makes its name a & # 39; stand out among the tons of anonymous web content.

That is, and that he has taken into account one – a user-led video – it may be possible for Togas to perform the platforms bigger, like Tencent and Baidu, who are not – a & # 39; bankruptcy into the West consumers' quiz too.

"It's interesting that something is so uncomfortable, over the very successful WeChat in China. Many people watched on WeChat and we thought it was the crossover tool for the & # 39; there, "said Ms McEleny.

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Why was the disaster a challenge involving nine million people?

"Although most Chinese children are ordinarily ordered, paid and deployed throughout the case, that behavior is not translated as well as Europe and America.

TikTok was given in terms of publicity in America, when the hosting exhibitions in the United States Jimmy Fallon took the application and launched the #TumbleweedChallenge action.

In the challenge, people spread on the ground to music related to West films.

Since November 2018, when Mr Fallon named The Tonight Show, the #TumbleweedChallenge tag has over nine million videos on the app.

For TikTok, it is unlikely that there will be any disturbance as long as it is a & # 39; climb through countries and more, and build new users every time.

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