Tim Cook agrees that Apple sells less than iPhone than is expected


Very good news Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple, sent a letter on the official website of its company where it is; explains the current situation of its company.

Initially, the estimates of the income for the next fiscal season are reduced.

That is, income expected first from 89,000 to 93,000 million dollars. However, this goal was down to USD $ 84,000 million. In other words, The reduction can be 9,000 million dollars in the worst case.

iPhone, Apple Gold Egg Chicken

The result of these numbers in red It is because iPhone sales are less than expected.

Now, an reasons Tim Cook lists list of a low demand in China and other developing countries, strength of the dollar, marketing more kinds of materials (which produces disadvantages both in production and distribution), The economic weakness of other markets and the iPhone XS and XS Max are new (the XR does not mention) they were submitted for the final season of 2018, when the iPhone X was installed in the first year of that year.

However, the CEO of the company's bizarre apples says they are a clear future expectation with China.

In contrast, It also highlights the revenue derived from services. That is, the materials outside an iPhone (outside iPhone). The president wrote these words:

The services created more than USD $ 10.8 billion in revenue during the season, growing to a new quarterly record in each geographical area, and we Ongoing to achieve our goal in doubling the size of its & # 39; business industry from 2016 to 2020.

The establishment of 100 million active operating machines in the last 12 months.

A description snow and Mac, Cook noted:

Wearables grew nearly 50 per cent year after year, as Apple Watch and AirPods were very popular among holiday customers; MacBook Air and Mac mini have introduced the growth of Mac's income year after year and the new iPad campaign prompted the growth of two-year digital income from year to year.

Time to understand you

If we look at it from a statistical and business perspective, we can tell Apple is in trouble. Now, if we think of its position from its CEO's place, we can make sure you are a group that has been familiar with replacing yourself and giving a new approach.

For now time Apple has been to identify the results and figures that he has; thrown by the Services department.

It may be time to understand it. Is a new egg chicken rising?

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