Tim Ryan: Trump & # 39; disturbed GM staff who were depressed to build on manufacturing jobs


Ryan, Ohio Democrat, responded to comments made by Trump in Mississippi in Mississippi. The President stated that he had his administration "to find the magic magic" for a & # 39; manufactured in the United States just after an hour after GM announced that he was blocking plants and his / her; Thousands of staff based in the USA.

"We have a lot of companies to move in," said Trump, saying that the number of companies that have a " making materials in the US "changes dramatically."

It's a normal normal line; for the President, but he did not mention that earlier Monday had been announced that he would retiring from his staff and closing at five North American facilities in Ohio, Michigan, Maryland and Ontario, Canada.

Some 8,000 employees with salaries and 6,000 hours workers per hour lose their work or re-enroll to other plants, industry experts say, and maybe do more laws to come.

Ryan told Erin Burnett on CNN's "Erin Burnett OutFront" that he found the views of Trump "which disturbed nearly 2,000 workers in our factory locally, and nearly 15,000 workers in Michigan and Ohio ".

"He did not pick up one finger. Sherlock Brown named him, we sent his President's letters to try to be involved in helping to send a message. tell us what the future is here, "said Ryan. There is a MG factory in the area that Ryan has to represent for closing.

Ryan added to Trump "he has no business policy" and "there is no production policy" for the country.

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