Tim stated that the divorce divide was still in favor of her & # 39; formerly, a cold response to Zhang Quùnh Anh was paid back


Not to simply mention Tim or marry, but Zhang Qiong's status gave many people to think of the singer's divorced marriage.

Recently, a "natural history" filled with Tim and Zhang Qiong's drama again in the audience when the singer appeared, though he and his wife have never fallen into love. It is a paperwork for Quynh Anh's parents to be satisfied.

"Both of them live for themselves because they are comfortable now, but if that is true, they will have a big impact in the future." D & # 39; I and Quynh agreed to have individual relationships. The divorce is known, I am not denying it, but we do not have a marriage, the divorce divorcing papers that it is not important to us. Not just paperwork for adults, especially for families. This is my final final division.

Tim was surprised when he welcomed a farewell farewell but Quynh Anh is still fond of.

After solving the problem, and children. If we continue to report that we are isolated and alone, the same is the same crime; We will continue to read the children and later on when the articles are read, the children of the school will smile.

Instead of the two together, and I can prove that Quynh Anh is a close friend, a reluctant in this showbiz, with Quynh Anh, I have the same situation as well. So why not simply stay for our children, & # 39; teaching together, and the work that we support to get to & # 39; share with each other, not to appear together because we are in a position; hate each other, "- says Tim.

On a personal page, write the short female artist: "I'm tired of going away."

Part of the singer "valuable gift" raised the audience's attention quickly. It is difficult for some people to understand the relationship between Tim and Zhang Qiong. Both "game" fans followers love story, "end of love – divorce divorced – revenge – divorce divorced divorce – divorce but still living together and divide it again but still love ". Even, it is expected that both "bad" will be made to PR for the forthcoming results.

The story about Tim and Truong Quynh Anh makes many people tired.

However, by Tim talks, many still want to listen to Quynh Anh's thoughts but the singer quietly, with no answer. But recently, on his personal page, Truong Quynh Anh photographed his beauty of his beauty with the status line: "tired, let's go …". Zhang Qiong's full-ranging net status was surprised by the audience. In the opinion, many observers will add confidence to Trương Quűnh Anh and his & # 39; The singer's message rests if he is tired.

After the divorced marriage, the two still live together to take care of their children.

Tim also said that he had no relationship with Truong Quynh.


Both of them were stealing the boys.

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