Timati Black Star earphones. On AliExpress the same thing, but 2-3 times cheaper


Timati Black Star earphones. On AliExpress the same thing, but 2-3 times cheaper

The Russian rapper named Timati dropping wireless headphones The black star's logo also which he did. But Timur seems to have been very advanced here a total of one headphones AliExpress, and in-house cheaper times.

Waiting for it

"Over a year I I was looking for an excellent formula: high-quality sound, reducing noise, moisture resistance, wireless connecting, working life, cool design and reasonable price. I do search for this formula and with him proudly got started. No along with a distinctive signal, the product itself. Look for yourself, the ratio quality of prices be amazed", Timati assures for Instagram.

Headphones are available single cost 20 hours, attach to it smartphones with use Bluetooth 5.0 and 5.0 sold Black matter with Black Star

Interior online MTS number of pairs valued at 6999 rails. Interior gift Apple Music on it half-year and CD of Yegor Creed.


But, as it happened, that was formula about it to speak to him found on it Customer aliexpress available China's shops use a number of these the same word with him with that the same design, features, but already has the inscription Black Star. But colorful in color inner as well that and three times cheaper up to 2500 rails. A if you're ordered in a mass it will certainly be released at the same time a penny.

It is more likely that Timati gave an example from of it "colleagues" rapper Soulja Boy, in which source is full likewise "it's suspicious" products. For example, the recent release "possession line of console"released into cheap emigration of Anbernic. Yes and at Timur himself already had such an awful situation: back 2017 Black Star launched a group internet developmentand producing a full copy of the Super Duper Brazil website.

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