Time Not Required: Betina and incorporating associated machinery in the Marocas house


Betina will include co-marks in the Marocas house - Press release / TV Globo / Time Not For

Betina (Cleo) does not give up to # 39; try to get the competitive one on his way.

This tour will include her companion Agnese (Beatriz Campos) in the Sabino Machado house.

The woman will be employed as the housekeeper and ordered her wife to be poisoned in the plane.

Find out what's going on in today's chapters:

Interview Marocas Agnese. Vanda warned Dom Sabino that he was against him as a result of his illegal fee. Lucius admits to Helen that fear has been bad as Emilio. Agnese tells Betina that she has been accepted to work at the Agustina house. Agnese couples do not trust. Eilidh tells Betina that Lucio wanted to comment on the autopsy Emilio. Agnese will serve you for Marocas.

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