Timmy showed his teeth after performing bad Saturday


LJUBLJANA – Finding out how bad & # 39; the Slovak skipper was competing on a Saturday team test in Visla, Overlooking his / her game yesterday's expectations. This is especially true about it Timija Zajc, which was the 5th most excellent place, this is the best accomplishment among the nursery (12th place from Nizhny Tagil & 17; 17).

Timi Zajc enjoyed the best in the World Cup in Visla with fifth.

Leum, 126 and 127 meters long, lost one place in the finals and left behind for a 1.9 points point for Ace Ace of Poland fourth place Kamil Stochom (126.5m, 127 m). Only 18-year-old from Hrams near Dobrna was just a third place in Japanese Ryo Kobayashi (137.5 m – with a support of 127 m), German with a second situation Stephan Leyhe (124.5 m and 130.5 m) and Yevgeny Klimov (127.5m and 131.5 m), which included history as its first Russian World Cup winner.

Both contributed to the success of their & # 39; Rabbit Anette – – Lanišek (124.5m and 121 m) took the 20th place and walked the points at the 40th opening ceremony with the 26th place Семеніч (123 m and 116.5 m). At the same time as Austria Michael Hayböck (32) and Griogair Schlierenzauer (48th), Norway Daniel-Andre Tande (36th) and Switzerland Simon Ammann (46), they also stayed empty Bor Pavlovčič (114.5m) and Tomaž Naglič (118m), which ended in 40th and 41st place. The most famous national Healthy team Jernej Damjan It's a refresher Jacques Mogel He is already on Friday certificates.

On Saturday, Polish marriages

On Saturday, however, the team's test is completely developed on the taste of many home supporters. The Polish Quartet (in line Piotr Zyla, The Jakub Wolny, The Dawid Kubacki and Stoch) were happy with the effects of their & # 39; Stoch's heavyweight cartoon Stoch (126.5m and 129 m), the best person in the game. "Oh, it's great for us. The followers again have a really good situation and I must admit that they helped me inspire. Also, the coach Stefan Horngacher Despite the best exhibitions that have been posted; On Friday, I put it in the team and tell me to believe it, it was a lot of me, "he told the thirteen Olympic hero.

For the Poles, the other highest Germans (11.1 points)Karl Geiger, The Markus Eisenbichler, The Stephan Leyhe there Richard Freitag), as long as the Austrians did not; stay third with 54.6 points falling (Michael Hayböck, The Clemens Aigner, The Daniel Huber there Stefan Kraft).
Geansa Sloinninia (coach head Gorazd Bertoncelj which was suitable for the Pavlovčič, Naglič, Laniška and Zajc team) came to an end and almost never broke the 7th place among the eleven teams. How average they seemed to prove they are; despite two times Ryoyu Kobajaši there Takuja Takeuchi ahead of our best-known Lanisek line (113m and 119m), Vikings (10th) would definitely affect Swiss (5th) and Russians (6th), unless they would be disqualified from the unsuitable game in the opening line Robert JohansonSouth Westerly

"We were tough or we were just in the test series in which Timi's third event, while Anže and Bor was good. At a game, the boys were very good poor, they were unpleasant, aggressive and tough in the air. In this situation, it's hard for them to wait long, "said Bertoncelj.

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