Timor Leste: "tennis", final (AFF Cup)


Wednesday, November 21, 1818, 20:34 PM (GMT + 7)

(Video, Singapore football – Timor Leste, 3rd round of AFF Cup Group B 2018) At home, a NHM "banquet" dinner dinner party has a label at Singapore.

Singapore video – Timor Leste (NextMedia Clip, broadcast on VTC)

Singapore He decided that he had won a lot to compete with Thailand, Filipin won the ticket to go to Group B, and Timor Leste is sure to go to; eliminate and miss anything, so the game on the National Park is very heavy. open.

Singapore - Timor Leste: Ròilean & # 34; tennis, Cup # AFF - 1

Singapore won the Timor Leste and full chance to make the AFF Cup

Even after & # 39; The first 19 minutes, the spectators revealed three goals. Baharudin was the defender for "King of the Lion Island" (12th and 19th), and Walter Gama was the 13th visitor visitor.

However, the game was bigger, Timor Leste was most likely to have seen many shortcomings and illegal experience. As a result, Ikhsan Fandi Ahmad took advantage of his / her space from the defenders to complete the doubling in the 30, 42 minutes.

In the second half, the emphasis created by Singapore before Timor Leste was targeted. Despite this, the home side has two other goals. Baharudin finished his clothes in this game (90 + 2 & 39), while Faris Far-off Faris Ramli also played a & # 39; making his mark of the score (90 & # 39;), a & # 39; position the score 6-1 in total a.

In another game of Group B, Thailand 1-1 was drawn by the Philippines. So the event between Singapore and the campaigns will take place at 19:00 on November 25 to decide the ticket to go.

Final: Singapore 6-1 Timor Leste (1: 4-1)


Singapore: Baharudin 12 & 19; 90 + 2, Ikhsan Fandi Ahmad 30 & # 39; 42 &, Faris Ramli 90 & # 39;

Timor Leste: Walter Gama 13 & # 39;

Online Start:

Singapore: Sunny, Suzliman, Arfin, Baharudin, Hamzah, Kamal, Shafiq Yacob, Harun, Quak Yun Ji, Ifran Fandi Ahmad, Ikhsan Fandi Ahmad

Timor Leste: Raul Fernandes, De Oliveira, Guterres Siva, Da Costa Freitas, Da Silva Garcia, Da Costa, Reis, Viegas, Walter Gama, Moreira, Goncalves

Game stats



Timor Leste

26 (14)

Set the target down

4 (1)

Manage time to member




Yellow card


Red card


Bhiet-Namais flavor


Corner corner

0 Save 8

Table B represents

Singapore - Timor Leste: Rush & # 34; tennis & # 34; Half-step open (AFF Cup) - 2

Video, island football Filipino - Thailand: Live death accidents (AFF Cup)

Thailand's guests did not expect to play or so.

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