Tina Karol was shot very hard with his colleagues: what happened – showbiz news – video, picture – Olya Polyakova – Nadia Dorofeeva – Tina Karol – Ukrainian singers


Ukrainian artists, Alexey Potapenko (Potap) and Svetlana Loboda were disturbed by her; The Tina Karol singer, who has been a harassment among star fans and using their colleagues – Olga Polyakova and Nadia Dorofeevu.

The rapper put a piece of Karol's performance on Instagram, where she is emotionally singing on the stage, and her. Introducing his voice with male male skipper. Not only the artist's subscribers, but also the "star co-workers" that they collected under the video. In particular, Svetlana Loboda left a silent statement on what she saw.

"Get rid of it quickly, or if you're thrown out of the country tomorrow! Remember, you can not be more beautiful and more like a wedding at a wedding," write the singer.

Karol musicians started to protect idols. "I would not have said anything better! I took one of the most prestigious", "Oh, what kind of people … I've never seen what you want and give a comment on Potap. Oh, behold, here about Tina you will see. And everyone who laughed with her. A feeling, Svetochka, "Close your mouth," "Sit in Russia," turned – Tina went to Loboda.

Two other Ukrainian stars, Olya Polyakova and Nadya Dorofeeva, may be able to help the video. Of course, they were very detailed in their statements. "Aaaaa", – wrote a "superblonde" frightening. "Stop me," said the one, "Time and Glass," to put his idea by & # 39; laugh laughing

As OBOZREVATEL wrote, Karol's picture grieved up to the network. The fans instantly began to find out if the singer is all good.

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