Tina was related to the famous actress


Singer's brother is the person of the sister of her and herbal actress Irma Vitovska.

The popular Ukrainian singer, Tina Karol, is associated with a well-known actress.

He was told by the artist himself in an interview with Katya Osadchaya, saying "social life".

Carole said he is in close relationship with Irma Vitovskaya. As it came out, the brother of the singer is the person of the sister of her and actress Irma Vitovska. But, according to Carol, they do not often meet, because we have all our records.

The singer also remembers how she talks about the sister of Stanislaus, sister of Irma Vitovska, Natalia.

"I remember how we organized. Natasha, sister of Irma, wanted to marry Stasik, my brother. We came with the family to ask them to agree to be to give flowers, "said Carol.

As the artist said, it was a real problem. , with all the traditions, and with Irma Vitovskaya they are now in close relationship.

"I was even a house search, there are no pumpkins anywhere. We are in close relationship, and I am the largest one when She played in "Forest and Roma". I always watched the television with this series, and nowadays when I see that Irma is sometimes at the table, I think: "Oh, I'm close to the stars", and she says the same thing, "he added Tina.

We know that many relatives are sometimes used, but trying to get away from their star family, just not to, Using the name, but Tina Karol's brother does not love the names of the sisters, but this is not the case.

"I understand that this is the Tina Karol band's fighting. In society it can not be what he wants, he should always think through a lens My name. I told him he was grateful for this and he realized how hard it is to be a brother to Tina Karol, not by Stanislav Liberman, "said the singer.

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