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Moussa Fire, who was the Director of Entente Cadak-Car, went to the Rebeuss Central Prison to visit the old Dakar master who was imprisoned in connection with Caisse by the City of Daka. Moussa Fire is a reporter about Khalifa Sall, saying that she has been. The last person told him that his appeal for the next President's election is insulting her. "I do not go back! Despite all the activated moves, my country's law allows me to be a candidate in This president is elected in 2019. I'm a candidate. I count you, "said Khalifa Sall to Moussa Fire. According to Fire, Khalifa Sall is waiting quietly for his trial in the High Court. Accordingly, it would be difficult to refuse Khalifa Sall's claim, and for a good reason. According to Moussa Fire, during his trial, Khalifa Sall can complain of inequality. In this case, the High Court does not; stop the lawsuit to accept the & # 39; Constitutional Council. The test does not start again following the decision of the Constitutional Council. And even though the High Court does not cause it, it's still three months to stop a flap. It is only after this time that we can talk about a final decision that its disqualification may be disqualified. I do not see how to do it; They can stop the application with a & # 39; this process, "he argues.

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