Tinelli has a strong show at ShowMatch about the events in River Boca: "They're killing football"


The driver spent several minutes of his program to talk about the amazing events that happened at the end of the song Libertadores.

The strong distribution of Tinelli after the final episodes between Boca and the River in the & # 39; Memorial Cairn

From Saturday, everyone will talk about the wild attackers of fans The River to micro Boca, injuring a number of players, when they came to the Monumental stadium to discuss the & # 39; final Copa Libertadores 2018.

Marcelo Tinelli, which had already been said Twitter In this regard, he used several minutes ShowMatch to give your opinion about it: "I wanted to put a kiss to Boca Juniors in particular. You need to think that players are not victims, they are suffering from this situation. Yesterday they wanted to play a game with a player in the clinic at 1.30 a day. Something like to make the usual weather forward and not played. As there is a lot of need to win points in one place or play with the people or without, the players will forget. It was very awful, that was, weird. "

"I wanted to be close with Boca players," they said, "how do you do that as vice president San Lorenzo?" I do not speak as vice president San Lorenzo, I am Speak as people who can see what they are doing; happening.

"We need to work with responsibility and real responsibility, because if we do not give a comment and have no responsibility for anything, we all have a good idea. comment, and what do we do to change? The most difficult thing is that people are not accountable. It is a society, many times, ill. How they brought that minister for five hundred people from their stone since they came to the area until they went into the stadium, "he said.

On the other hand, he asked that letters should be taken in the & # 39; case: "And not to criticize or do The River, no gu Beul, or to Conmebol, or the Government. It is hard. No one cares for them. I hope you can change as a society and do something. Today we think when we play, we need to have a concert. With God, we imagined how football players think about it? They were attacked, the pictures, the videos and the whole world saw it. He will do it to go to court. We need solutions. "

"I wanted to be close with Boca players." At one time they said, "How do you do that as a vice president San Lorenzo? & # 39; I do not speak as vice president San Lorenzo, I am Speak as people who can see what they are doing; happening"he continued.

"Today we are thinking of when we play, we have to have a concert, because of God, let us think of how the football players, who have a & Thinking about, attacking them, the pictures, videos and the whole world are seen to go to the field, we need solutions. "

Finally, he clearly said, angry: "A man was arrested with 7 million pesos and 300 original applications in the house and is free as it is the path. How can that be broken? It's crazy. You need to be a prisoner, and if you do not have to play a game, do not do it, that's up , but you can do things better, you can do it, think about what we have done so, that power is at barrabravas, but let's look back later, it's completely eliminated each other, it's hard. I hope that all the steps we need to take so that we can all enjoy a quiet party, and that this is not the case; happening. They play football, there are players who do not want to play. They are tired of such a situation, they are emotional and are focused all the time. They had been violently attacked and security work was very bad. It is the responsibility of many departments and it is important to recognize that it is starting it. We are all prisoners of this system. "

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