Tishchenko Auditor in the Dnieper: The Benefits and Exercise of the Famous Astoria


The fourth study in Dnipro was held in the three-star Astoria hotel.

Respondent shower linked to the "New Channel" and tell you how the survey was.

The number that met Nikolay Tishchenko was a dangerous pen. Double level with high tops. Bright and big looking over the building site. Light blue Dirty and tiled chairs with unpleasant smell. Servant clean with mineral water. TV Views. Despite the usual bed, the room was clean. The inspector was not satisfied.

The view of a clean clean-room fungus room on the dining room and the sink, the old "yellow" house and the brush was "tired". The hotel service is also bilingual, the Inspector's white shirt was made on the old application board, although he worked well.

Verdict: situation – white ball, blackboard number, service – white ball, blackboard prices, features – black ball. 3: 2 leaves black. And the fourth review in the Dnieper finished nothing. The auditor does not recommend the "Astoria" hotel in the Dnieper.

Earlier, we talked about the reviews by Nikolai Tishchenko in the "Clockwork Monkey" bar, "Puzata Hut" and the music bus.

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