Tito Ortiz, who is waiting for pay numbers according to, & # 39; responding to White & rant


Tito Ortiz's message for Dana White: not about it.

After a White ranted on the Ortiz byrthodontist with Chuck Liddell, "Bad Boy Beach Huntington" he has protected Twitter for his recent offer (via Instagram).

Oscar De La Hoya, Ortiz and Golden Boy's promoter, was a major part of the rebuilding for the last Saturday fight, which ended with a final crack for Ortiz.

The De La Hoya commented that the UFC president should not tell a mice when he retired, telling the boxer to return to the box. away, "You're a relative you say, you (complete) cokehead."

Geal went on to overthrow Ortiz, who once had one-half of his client and client client as a fighting manager before taking the UFC kingdom. The target again, out again, almost the fighting in a display was before throwing up things and his / her; fall out again.

"Tito says," Hey, you want to pay, go to Golden Boy MMA, "said White." Do you draw my foot? Hey, my brother, waiting for a couple of months so that all this thing goes out. Everyone will be searching for everyone in two months or two. There was no money. "

In a Monday interview with MMAjunkie, Ortiz estimates that this Saturday event has already paid 200,000 pay. Although real companies can take weeks to tabulate, it was hopeful.

With 400 text and 600 phone calls on & # 39; his phone, he said, there was more interest in what was wrong with it; Bellator flag.

"Because of the fury I get, and indeed the support I get," he said. "This is bigger than I ever had when I fought on Chael (Sonnen), and we did free chat TV numbers by Chael. When I was fighting on Stephan Bonnar, one of those people is one of them. "

"I do not say we've broken 500,000," he said. "But we'll get there, I would be very happy."

Ortiz said he was the second decision of his position as Liddell's senior position at UFC 66, and said he paid a cost of $ 2.9 million. However, it was under a different agreement of the revenue sector; under the Gold Group, he said he did not share payment profits according to Liddell.

"It would be very close (for my best payout)," said Ortiz. "Due to the wages earned, if we could buy 1.3 million, it would be home out of our park forever.

"I'm just grateful at the end of the day I was in for the way I did, and I was able to close Chuck, and all the fans closed. I was able to solve the & # 39; glory for the rest of my life, as I always wanted to fight this freedom. I always wanted to show that I am the person who is fighting more best when I'm healthy. "

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