To 9 Members of the Steering Committee of the Southwest Society


Talk to him Pioneer On November 22, Nguyen Hoang Ba, Managing Director of Home Affairs No Yes, said that the People of the World Committee has officially sent the Standing Committee on the report in terms of increasing the number of civil servants, Officers from the South West Management Committee.

So, on the basis of the proposal by the Can Tho City Party Committee to add to the & # 39; Payroll for the civil servants of the South West Steering Committee for work in the town, the Prime Minister has directed the Ministry of Home Affairs Ministry to make a decision about the " Additional payroll position for civil servants in 2018 and 2019 by Can Tho city authorities and 5469 / BNV-TCBC Official Letter. The number of people working in public service units in 2018 of the town of Can Tho.

In the execution of No Yes Decision. 2476 / QD-BNV and 5469 / BNV-TCBC Official Letter of the Ministry of Domestic Affairs, the People's Committee Baile is the decision about contributing to the payment of a civil service and the number of people who work for organizations, units.

Six staff from the South West Management Committee will consist of six administrative officers, including: Town Council's Office, Committee Office; Town, Business and Commercial Department, Planning and Investment Department, Department of Religious Matters of Home Affairs Department; Three people work in public service units: College Opportunities, the University of Technology and Technology and Cantho City Cancer Hospital.

According to Ba, the city received 11 people from the South West Management Committee, but two members of the Central Government should not be listed here. Some of the above people have some people to work in advance, not later at the same time.

Tò was nine people from the South West Management Committee - picture 4

Can Tho "pay" Mr Vu Minh Hoang to the Deputy Committee of the South West

On 4 October, Tien Phong's store said the People's Human Rights Committee has recently paid a "Vu Minh Hoang" decision to the South West Management Committee after its repeal and cancellation the post of Deputy Director of Commercial Construction Center – Fair Trade and Trade Center to Mr Vu Minh Hoang.

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