To ask the MPs for a further grace fortnight in the Brexit Politics speeches


Theresa May aims to test the House of Commons on Tuesday to take her another fortnight to continue to change the Irish backup – despite Michel Barnier to say that Britain was to negotiate.

With 45 days going to Britain as a result of the law that they will send the EU away, with a contract or without, the prime minister will address MPs about the progress in the Brexit conversation, No. 10 on Monday.

It does not appear to indicate any movement that will involve closer relationships in the future with the European Union, after writing to Jeremy Corbyn to go to; brings forth continuous objections to unioning practices, and instead focuses on their support.

"We are very clear about this: we do not consider the customs suggestions of Jeremy Corbyn, we are not considering any suggestions to stay in the customs union. We need our own trading policy "said May spokesman on Monday.

It will emphasize its ongoing focus on its & # 39; backdrop, but the European Union leader's negotiations took place on Monday that there was no question about Brussels which included in Downing Street applications.

"We are waiting for clarity and move from the United Kingdom," said Barnier to spokesmen after talks in Luxembourg with prime minister of the country, Xavier Bettel.

At dinner with Barnier in Brussels later on Monday, the British secretary, Stephen Barclay, was expected to make the ceiling application for a deadline on the back row, a unincorporated or relinquished machine -setting by "other arrangement".

Barnier suggested that he would give little support to Barclay. "Tonight I will repeat the situation of the EU again. I will listen to what the state secretary needs to tell us about the other arrangements that the UK wishes," said Barnier. "But it is no longer a concept today. I also evaluate their interest from the United Kingdom for changes that could make the political conflicts, which let I will remember, confirm the very detailed migration for the future division. "

Barclay travels to Strasbourg on Tuesday to mark the UK situation to an EPB, and the foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, will give the same message to Paris. At Westminster, at the same time, it is expected that its & # 39; May to confirm that another Brexit vote in the parliament continues on 27 February.

Brexit opponents within the cabinet and Tory back beats require confirmation from the Prime Minister that any movement that she or she will then change has changed. That would allow them to make another effort in terms of winning a majority for change; A leader could not be taken, unless he has re-examined his contract to the parliament for the prior approval of the MPs.

Yvette Cooper and Nick Boles, two senior backdropers left the amendment against any agreement that, Most of them supported this month, they did not make a final decision about a revised version or wait until February 27, the Guardian's understand. But they have been working on a revised version of their bill to expand article 50, which must be submitted by mid-March to get the chance to be given before the start of the day.

Their change would be to finalize the deadline for mid-March for its & # 39; May to win a majority for her contract, asking the government to do time for her & her; Bill if she has not received support from the parliament before that time.

Maybe hope to bring help together; Most rise on Monday as Boris Johnson said he would be willing to agree with limited support for a while. The former foreign secretary told a parliamentary meeting: "I think it needs to be very obvious if you have time at the end – and I do not know it. I think it would be very good – it must fall before the next election comes. "

Some other Hardy Breeders have suggested that the backup must be completely removed from the transfer agreement, but it is very difficult that it is not likely to benefit from the # 39; Brussels. Downing Street is hoping she'll get around Johnson, if May can win, she can share a European research department (ERG).

Along with a group of Labor support staff promoted by commitments of new qualifications on staff rights and environmental standards, May hopes she can earn more MPs to deliver her business.

Labor will record the change itself this week to & # 39; try to do what Brexit, secretary secretary Keir Starmer, calls "hard stop", on the government's negotiating time by going to # 39; Declares a date on which May had to confer a contract to the Commons.

May affirms that she does not want those MPs who want to see the Labor Force; including "the public vote". They suggested that it was now the time to do that.

It came out on Monday that an earlier version of the Corbyn letter to its last week's prime minister, originally drawn by Starmer, including referring to a referendum, but was removed during the editorial process.

Asked about a bid by journalists in Dublin Monday, Starmer said: "The letter was an agreed letter issued. We received a reply from the Prime Minister. Yes & # 39 ; important question: does she answer, say he is willing to let down red lines or not? "

In her letter to Corbyn, May argued that her Brexit plan clearly provides the benefits of merger "in terms of avoiding deposits, and" policy development " UK independent trade outside our economic partnership with the European Union ".

She wrote: "I am not clear why you believe that it would be best to search ideas in future trading businesses in the EU rather than being able to hit our own business. "

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