To be pregnant with a child … Work how to deal with cold without using drugs


As the weather changes, many pregnant women get cold and can not take medicine unless they decide to a doctor. Therefore, these tips should be followed to get rid of colds without being able to remove; using a medication:

  1. The rest, you have to get a lot of sleep, sleep for good hours a day, and keep away from worry.
  2. Eat a lot of leeks, such as water, lemon brot, and natural zoo, as they are fast and important to serve cold.
  3. Eat rich foods in behavioralities, especially those with vitamin C, such as guabha, kiwi, orange and micro-plants.
  4. Sitting in indoor or full-populated areas, increasing the chance of getting cold, and a & # 39; avoiding getting scarce in public transport.
  5. Put a blasting machine and creator in the room to regenerate the air, and move well in the morning, with sunlight to & # 39; come into the room.
  6. Use gargle with warm water with some salt, if you have pain or pain.

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