TO BOLA – «Portuguese football problems, yes, but others» (Benfica)


Through digital publishing Benfica News, Club de Luz thinks it's "tough" that the National product has an interesting product that has a game with it; Given the debate about the lack of competitiveness in Portugal's football.

"Bruno Lage and Pizzi left a facal of comfort to the Madeira National and they remembered the quality of the team to bring it back to the situation. Fairy play and respect for the challenger are the unlikely values It is not unhappy to use the product of the past and the performance of National professionals to try to introduce the lack of competitiveness in Portugal's Portuguese football, when a European League with only 2 points to divide 1st and 3rd Classes, is read on the officers' website.

"Portuguese football has problems, yes, but others", which finalizes the publication.

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