To eradicate pocket money to help many trainers in Vietnam to & Overcoming all kinds of stress on human origins


Bungo Okabe, 36, called Vietnam Pham Nhat Vuong. He was born in Vietnam, and his family continued to Japan at 8 years of age and helped a lot of young Vietnam to learn and work in Japan.

    Japan newspaper about Vietnamese food guy: Remove pocket money to help many trainers in Vietnam affecting all kinds of stress on people - Picture 1.

Bungo Okabe, 36, called Vietnam Pham Nhat Vuong (Picture: Times Times)

In January 1818, the rehabilitation of a Okabe on a two-storey house in the Koriyama town, Fukushima Prefecture, was used as a shelter for unidentified Vietnam trainees, largely due to disagreement with employers. The rehabilitation rate is about 1 million yen (~ 206 million) built by Okabe.

Although this "temporary house" has been used for about 10 months now, it has helped 15 trainers in the area with different settings. At the same time, Okabe needed to close a restaurant in the town to spend time helping trainers in trouble.

In particular, what help is the "time", time and effort, and what effect it is; , we let's learn more.

With many trainees, Okaba helps the last resort to help them continue to work in Japan

According to Times Times, the "International Intern Trainee" program is designed to help rural workers get new knowledge and skills from Japanese businesses; but for a long time he was criticized to hide behind the beautiful, b & # 39; The main purpose of its program is to attract cheap work to Japan.

Statistics from the Labor Ministry in June 2018 show that around 286,000 people came to Japan under the Internship program. Of those, Vietnam's 134,000, accounting for 47%.

    Japan newspaper about Vietnam diet gille: Remove your pocket to help many trainers in Vietnam to overcome all kinds of stress in humans - Picture 2.

Two female occupations from Vietnam at a farm in Aichi Prefecture (picture: Nikkei Asian Review)

According to the data of the ministry, in 2017, 299 cases of serious drug related incidents related to crime were reported, including low payments and pre-time work. But these are only matters that were recorded only, the number may be several times higher.

Okabe Feedback: "The only way to complete the use of staff is that the trainer changes jobs if treated fairlyHowever, the current rules do not have a & # 39; allowing work or work, except in the Ministry of Justice intervention. "

It is amazing that staff can not always visit the Minister or unit in the country. Many trainees choose to be quiet, and & # 39; addressing the problem itself for a variety of causes.

Okabe explained: "Japanese government or apprentice to Japan in many cases does not prevent barriers when staff have difficulties, so these young people – in Japanese who are not enough or are not familiar with the environment, work in Japan – must be brushed, frightened to burn or water even longer used worse. "

In terms of such a situation, people like Okabe Nhat Vuong are helping to help Vietnamese workers stay in Japan. It will support food, accommodation and a & # 39; help them to improve their Japan

Frequently, he moved to many places to help students to expand their visas, contact the residence and government office. home to stay in Japan for compensation or continue with their educators. income.

Okabe said: "I always want to help the people who are uneasy."The Times The Times Times said Okabe was a tough child.

Okabe people help: all situations are different

One of the most outstanding issues is Nguyen B. C., which is 34 years old; age, who will reach Japan in 2015 as part of his internship program. Before leaving him, he stayed for a post in the steel industry, but later had to do a defamatory work in the town of Namie, Fukushima prefecture for 1.5 years without any reason.

After a year and a half, C. found that it was open to radiation in Namie (a home that was badly damaged by a nuclear accident in 2011). Mr C. left his company and Okabe got invasion for help, taken to the shelter in Koriyama town.

    Japan newspaper about Vietnamese food guy: Remove pocket money to help many trainers in Vietnam affecting all kinds of stress for putting people - Picture 3.

C. reading at the Okabe-run home (picture: Japan Times)

(In March this year, it was reported that a young Vietnamese was killed in Fukushima's current brain cleansing, but later, according to information obtained from the Ministry of Justice and the Japanese Justice, to a safe place, and both Japan and Vietnam. The young person and the character C. were two different people.

Okabe said that C. is not a "representative" for many cases where Vietnam's staff fall "unable to return to Japan".

"I helped many of the victims to be affected, even a 21-year-old daughter after being raped by the employer."Okabe told Times Times. This person is in trouble when he works on the farm, and he returned calmly to Vietnam because he does not want to cause more trouble for the family.

    Japan newspaper about a Vietnamese shopman: Remove your pocket money to help many trainers in Vietnam to overcome all kinds of pressure on people's land - Picture 4.

Moving to Japan for vocational training, it is a big decision. in creating a living, but it's a n; stay here harder

Another case is Lam, 22 years old. Throughout a group of Vietnamese workers in Japan, Lam is Okabe's call from the Kansai International Airport, just a few hours ago … the plane is going to go to it. heard to Vietnam.

The owner of the business returned the return home, just six months after coming to Japan because of its financial difficulties. company. Thanks to the promotion and assistance of Okabe, Lee decided to stay in Japan to find opportunities. However, the transition will take months and must work with all stakeholders.

But the irony is that many trainees have come to the help of well-known people such as Okabe – they will be asked to return to work suddenly, though they had no previous seal. What's this for?

Ideas from a Japanese and Japanese Ministry of Justice with Japan Times on the "International Intine Trainee"

In a telephone interview with the Japan Times, the officer stated that the "Foreign Technical Translation Courses" program should be amended to ensure that the rights of the trainers.

At the moment, Japanese government does not allow trainees to change jobs, and they are afraid that many will; trying to move to Japan for economic reasons. Instead, these young people are expected to learn skills, knowledge in a particular area and return home.

However, business change owners need to change the problem. It is not appropriate for them to deal with foreigners as cheap works.

Despite this, Ministry officials have a personal level, hoping that Japanese's new policies will help the fight.


There is still much debate about Japan's new foreign policy policy. The Japanese open more doors but are still suspicious of deep and deep emotion. At the same time, for foreign workers, not the land promised to the door behind the door.

In so many problems, the important help of people like Bungo Okabe / Pham Nhat Vuong is truly worthy of respect.

(Based on the article by Magdalena Osumi – Japanese Times)

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