To fight obesity. He wants to give fast food and sugars for the obvious places


Seventy percent of food and drink in high shops, sugar and salts, supermarkets and supermarkets have warned of the removal of waste meals from shopping entrances, sites and departure points, said newspaper & # 39; Guinea in a report. To be difficult to find, health officials saySouth Westerly

Remove food and sweets from the eyes of consumers
Remove food and sweets from the eyes of consumers

The status of chocolate, chips and cakes in prominent areas encourages people to buy more, to reachSouth Westerly

An analysis carried out for some shops showed that only 1% of healthy fruit and vegetables was average.

Public health in the UK is a & n; Praises five scenes of fruit and vegetables every day, and should make more than one third of our food.

Sugar increases cancer risk, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease later in life, the paper said.

It is expected that the government will advise on the promotion of waste food as part of its strategy to address children's obesity.

She indicated that the sugars that are displayed are prominently displayed at shop corridor corridors, or induction shops, attractive to anyone, and children especially to buy their parents, as work is needed to make a healthy environment created for families throughout the country West-

"Some major retailers appear to be taking positive steps to promote healthy eating places, and the World Health Organization (WHO) requires unions of food and drink status governments, can be restrained in prominent locations in supermarkets to help families make healthy choices when buying. "He said.

Fast food mode is hidden from the eyes of users
Fast food mode is hidden from the eyes of users

"Food and drinks of sugar in prominent places are inappropriate," said Briony Sinclair of the World Citizen Research Fund. "Wild food needs to be healthy and out of reach of" vulnerable people ", as they attract shops to make unhealthy decisions at the last minute.

Many of these foods and drinks contain more sugar than the daily number offered by a small child, the paper said that eating too much sugar can cause stress or obesity, ; Increase the risk of 12 different types of cancer.

"People want to buy a variety of products in the shop, and it's not long before chocolate starts like hiding in the shop," said Christopher Snowdon from the Institute of Economic Affairs. "The pizza will be handled by placing it on the big shelf, Out of the reach of young people and children at" at risk. "

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