To find unauthorized support tools and device traders


Lam Dong: He got a group of people who bought and ate; Sale of illegal machinery support - Photograph 1Thanh works with the police

Over time to find a crime police demonstration site in Da Lat City, Nguyen Chi Thanh has got tools to help with home guns, spraying spiritual pepper, sword and many other things stored in the house for sold. Upon the 20th of November, the CSHS re-teaming team in conjunction with Ward police 4 examined the Nguyen Chi Thanh (29 years) residence, who lived in a C1 Mac Dinh block Chi, Ward 4, find the Dalat town where this stock was 33 spiritual spirits, 9 movable guns and 29 spears. At the time of the inspection, Nguyen Chi Thanh sells illegal support tools with Le Dai Duong (age 23), from Black Duong, stay in Ward 6, Da Lat city.

Lam Dong: Finding a group of people who Sale of illegal support tools - Picture 2Instead of Source Thanh

At the police station, Nguyen Chi Thanh said at the beginning of the month

7/2018 bought a different pepper detection, a powerful gun, a sword called Huan (not known), and remembers the special sum of around 18 million and sold home for sale through a network .

The police have made a record of the acquisition of the items above and confirm the signals to maintain and retain Nguyen Chi Thanh's activities. Purchase of online support instruments.


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