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Although a few hours later, experiencing today's wife, is the story she is pregnant, but the features appear to be an indication of anxiety and expectation, it is There seems to be something that's Counting a lot, which encouraged the person to ask about the answer, he was a? Thinking that the news would be a joy, He got the other, and gave him a thought that she was sorry, but when she answered, he learned he was not about the relationship, fear of early birth; resulting in the problems of children and their consequences, as happened to recent friends.

For most women, there are many problems that there are; happen to your child if there is an early birth, which causes a concern about exposure. According to many scientific studies, the low weight of the child's birth, a problem of rediscovering as a result of the lung displeasure, members, which show pollution, threatening the child 's life.

Studies have shown that children born early when they are heavy to increase in the risk of learning, developmental problems and behavioral difficulties.

The 17th of November is in line with the International Day of Early Births, and so we will An analysis of how the BoldSky Indian site is published, early birth prejudice marks, and ways to prevent it.

First World War: Symposium of prejudice:

"The symptoms seem to have low chromatic chromos, the feeling of abdominal expansion similar to menstrual cycle pain, lower back pain, and feeling that there is more pressure in the pelvic area, blowing the empty, flushing out of her "

Second: Methods to prevent discrimination:

"Stay away from smoking, taking drugs or drinking alcohol, caring for personal hygiene and avoiding pollution, & # # 39; continue with a doctor if you have long-term illnesses, talk to a doctor about close marriage relationships, To take many of the acidic volumes, iron, calcium, protein and other nutrition, take vitamin pre- banned, reduce effort and relaxation, and take oral and dental hygiene care during the time of Birth, if there are prejudices and prejudices, the doctor may recommend rods, measuring a week with progesterone "

Approximately 15 million children were born in advance each year, which means that one in ten children are pre-determined throughout the world, and it is It is estimated that 39 of the world's highest-income revenue countries are reducing almost 58,000 annuities Annually if casual measures are used to prevent premature delivery, so And deliver economic costs of around $ 3.0 billion.

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