To innovate learning, you must do the first one – 11/25/2018


Situated in Silicon Valley and sponsored by Google and NASA, University of Singularity it became a mecca for special technologies and innovation. One of his staff, Kyle Hermans, was in Buenos Aires in the BA tour organized by HSBC for its client companies and spoke to the Economic about what it means for innovation.

"I do not see innovation as a process, but as the result, and I see creativity and research as a process. But real innovation is a problem. non-consumer or market users, or ordinary people. The companies that say they are innovative but not user-friendly, are completely innovative, " Hermans is explained.

– Is it easier for younger companies to innovate?

-The big and long-term companies that want to make change try to give a new thinking. To achieve this, they need to look at the outside world, and then be able to bring those ideas to the business. Sometimes in large companies there is no time to create ideas. They are very focussed and are kept to the processes. The freedoms of youngest companies move faster, the freedom to try more. But we note that they are </ p> <p> cost less time on processes. They need help in the processes, in the work, even though they are full of good ideas … So there is an interesting balance. The big companies would say: how can I be more likely to start? I think that's what they are doing; do they want to be & # 39; shake their way of thinking and thinking; create, to bring the new version into a very positive process. The big companies know how they will be distributed, they know how to do and do it, they know how to set up the supply chain. The younger ones are not yet. But they have very good ideas.

-There are many companies to innovate prizes and competitions (indoors and outdoors). Is it a good strategy?

-Sa, it's a way to do it. One of the things that are organizations are losing for the incentives and awards that staff get reinforced with innovation strategies of the company. Generally, staff are compensated for performance or for obtaining results. They do not often get an award for a & # 39; try, even if it does not work. So these good systems are to encourage changes within the company. Sometimes it can turn into it if its language does not have a & # 39; company and says: try, believe or innovate, because when you connect your hands because it's a? oppose the company culture. If culture does not sustain that thinking and being, it does not work.

-How the main aim of embedding innovation as a strategy?

-The main thing learning and unlearn. The changes are constantly struggling inside and the culture will not move quickly. In general, we learn new things about old things, but we rarely get rid of old things that do not. apply further. If we can do a place, that's part of the "unlearning". Usually, it's a really new idea for companies. They have learned logos, but they do not have "informal" items. For many times the legacy comes as it is: it is the definition of its # 39; company.

-You miss something?

– Practical. It's about changing how you think about something. It is a change in attitude. Non-changing companies will not last long.

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