To prepare that tomorrow, the land will turn the distance


It does it at more than 3 miles kilometer per hour of the normal thing when it is placed to the nearest level of its sunflower in its & # 39; her annual orbit

On January 3, the Land will be located in the perihelion, closer to its sunrise in its annual orbit, which gives its highest orbital distance, and accelerated 3,420 kilometers per hour on average.

The land runs around the sun, with an orbit of 930 million kilometers, at an average speed of 107,280 kilometers per hour, means traveling at a distance in 365 days and almost 6 hours, so every four years is a jumping counts.

However, according to the second law of Kepler, that translation rate changes, and increases to be higher in perihelion – the shorter speed to the sun – with 110,700 kilometers per hour, and its & # 39; Reduced to a minimum in the opening, with 103,536km, more than 7,000km per hour.

The level of events in 2019 arrives tomorrow at 2.15 m of Argentina, with a distance of just over 147 million kilometers.

The application will be in 2019 on July 5, about 5 million kilometers away. The average speed of the sun has been an average of 150 million kilometers.

In induction it reaches 152.09 million kilometers and is at risk it will dropped to 147.10 million kilometers away.

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