To respond to a & # 39; Bhiet Bhiet on the "bloody" search and suspicious questions


Professor Dr Tran Binh Giang has been a director of the Duchess of Vietnamese hospital, who provides official information regarding "bleeding" in the hospital. However, the responses from the hospital gave us many questions.

The hospital confirmed that the family did not support blood patients to continue to work

On 23rd October, responding to the Duchess of Vietnamese hospital, Professor Dr Tran Binh Giang also met the official letter of the Medical Administration Administration, Health Ministry on "talking about the blood evidence. This letter Also posted on Duc Duc's home page.

Express - The Bakiet Beiet Hospital response is investigated & # 39; bloody & # 39; and a & # 39; question is suspicious

Duc Duc's Hospital responds to the "bleeding" philosophy of the Ministry of Health.

Therefore, the official letter with the special features of the hospital at the end of the country, in 2017, has the number of jobs to more than 65,000 cases, that Ban-Viet hospital needs great blood to the donation. rescue, patient cure. So, in a Duc Viet hospital with a modern blood cover center, they can simultaneously trigger tasks, extracting blood, storage and storage parts and blood supply, blood products. …

The hospital's blood supply comes from three main sources: blood donations from community blood donors, and receiving blood from the National Blood Institute, and receiving blood at a hospital-based hospitalized blood pressure place, including health workers, people around the area and the patient's family.

Every day, the average hospital of 150 surgery, more than 30 emergency works, requires most blood. When the blood supply is cleaned, it can not meet the emergency and medical needs. The victim sufferers of the hospital's blood have encouraged relatives for patients and health workers to participate in a voluntary blood donation. This is a brilliant activity to save life, many of the patients are willing to give blood. Even a & # 39; builders of donors as well as the essential requirement for family members with a simple idea why people who do not know in the community are experiencing; Give blood they can not give up immediately. my family?

In the official letter, Viet Viet Hospital confirmed to the Ministry of Health: "In the hospital, there is no case for patients who can not be worked out without volunteer blood donors; no guidance At the hospital, the patient's blood donation regime administers a surgery. No person or body in the hospital can benefit or help in the case of "bloody strokes", which Every case of "bloody sting" when the hospital has been detected is taken to the police. Deleted by law.

Express - A row of & # 39; blood problems and suspicious questions (see Figure 2).

Part of what is Duc Duc's hospital.

Patients who give rare blood cells of a blood group have the same blood or blood donations when the supply is not enough. "

In addition, Professor Tran Binh Giang also added to him, on a morning every Friday, doctors through the timetable of the work, then divide the public and information about the assessment of what the blood is for patients open the panel at the office of the faculty. Patient should be in the patient's home, travel in the department, to reach the patient's family, the timetable should be assured as well as the procedures of each department, room.

And for solving the "bloody sting", Duc Viet Hospital also has a & # 39; offers solutions such as: Avoiding the "blood bloodbirds" to the patient's family, family members will not be involved in a non – Talk to this to reduce the number of administrative procedures to make patient family members easier when they make procedures for supply and blood, medical staff work actively ; find and remove the patient's fiction relatives to give up blood; Put the leaflets to warn the patient's family about the condition of "body blood" fraud.

At the same time, promote propaganda activities to get bloody blood cells to increase the blood of the community, to achieve more and more demand for blood treatment.

Concerned from Viet Viet ban ban responses

Earlier, on 10 October, a group of Newspaper Electricians had embarked on the accessibility of many of the "short-haul" of the Duchess of the Diet's hospital gate and, Start to find out the closed process in delivery. During his visit, we listened to the stories of relatives who are in the past; waiting for patients in the hospital's hospital blood donation area. How many blood units do the family have to go to the hospital to give blood pressure in the hospital to give blood and then the patient was just surgery. This requirement is the situation that is in place; making the bloody "bloody" at the hospital simply "there's a bridge." If there is not much of the patient's family in Hanoi then they have to move to "color" to buy blood for "heaven."

However, in the official letter from the director of the Bath Hospital of Bhiet Hospital, the hospital confirmed that there was no patient case without being able to; cure unless there were volunteer blood donors; The hospital does not have any guidance, which governs the patient's blood donation for surgery.

However, in the process of being & # 39; The reporter's newsgroup was investigated, so that the patient can be run, relatives must record blood on how many blood units, the patient's family must give enough patient blood to the new Review. The donor does not need the type of blood needed by the patient, but the person who gives blood is a blood certificate.

If yes, according to the official letter, the family does not need a grant, patients are still in operation. So why does the hospital explain its & # 39; principle, blood proofs have to be confirmed by doctors who have enough blood units, which were taken to the operating room, have the patient now working? Is this difficult to do?

Express - Vietnamese Biobiotic Hospital response on the & # 39; hidden questions & questions and suspicious questions (Figure 3).

Blood donations are in blood behavior.

Express - Biet Biet Hospital's response to the & # 39; hidden questions & questions and suspicious questions (Figure 4).

Blood donation paper for donors.

We know that there is an average of 150 day-to-day hospitals, more than 30 emergency emergencies and most of the emergency; need to get blood. When the blood supply was cleaned, the hospital could not take emergency needs, so the hospital encouraged its relatives and health workers to give blood.

However, according to the PV research, Blood Blood Institute – Central Blood Institute confirmed that there is enough day, two or two days of blood supply that the hospital still carries blood to where it is needed a blood hospital. This asked the public to ask why they did not use the blood hospital that was available at the Hematology Institute, which was later made in the form of a blood donation call?

Express - Remember the Vietnamese Vietnamese Hospital on the hidden questions & # 39; and suspicious questions (Figure 5).

"Blood body" firmly in front of the Duchess gate of the hospital's diet.

Finally, a Duchess of Vietnamese hospital letter confirms that no person or group in the hospital has benefited or helped in "bloody" cases. Is not the "insert" between doctors and "bloody"?

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